Monday, 19 May 2014

Gothic Lolita Wigs Review

Gothic lolita wigs is an American wig company. That makes very high quality wigs made from a high temperature fiber that can be heated up to 180*F/82*C - the lowest setting on most hair tools. Gothic lolita wigs are very high quality and do not require much styling like normal cosplay wigs. As you can see from the banner above Gothic lolita wigs is in partnership with other companies they all sell on the same website and use the same models for there items they are all very high quality.

Stock Photo of my wig I am reviewing.
To the left of this writing is the stock photo of the wig I am reviewing It is called Rhapsody in Silver I bought this wig for my high school prom, I went in a Hedwig from harry potter inspired outfit. I had a letter earring in one ear and a grey feather in the other, I had my nails painted white with a grey ombre, My shoes were white diamant√© heels, I had a white dress from and to complete the look a big fuzzy dense feather looking white wig called Rhapsody in the color silver from Gothic Lolita Wigs. I had seen lots of lolitas wearing wigs by the company Gothic lolita wigs so for my prom I decided to get one of my own.
Me in the middle at prom in my gothic lolita wigs,wig.
Too the right you can see a picture of me and two friends at my prom I am in the middle with my wig of course! The wig length was just what I wanted,The fuzzy fluffyness was amazing it was so thick and dense it was soft too it was just like owl feathers which was perfect for what I wanted. The wig is really voluminous, starting from more up at the crown. It has a little tiny bit of shine to it, but the fibers are mostly matte, and fairly soft. The wig cap is sturdy and well made, the hair seems to be sewn in very securely, which means less shedding in the future, and the bangs are longer to allow for a little trimming, but I just had the bangs as a side fringe because I didn't want to cut them myself and mess it up.
Me in my wig in the Gothic lolita wigs customer coordinate showcase click here to see the other customers

Shipping: 5/5 stars

Shipping took a little while but they ship from Houston Texas and I live in the UK however the packaging was solid and secure.
Quality: 4.5/5 stars
The softness of the fibers, combined with the shine resistance is well above excellent for the price. It looks brilliant under daylight, and still holds its own in other settings. The place where my prom my was held was super duper hot but regardless of sweating from heat my heat remained at a normal temperature under the wig and didn't heat up very much so this is a great wig to wear in summer despite it's dense fibers.
Overall Experience:
The wig fits like a dream due to the adjustable straps on the inside, the fibers brush very well, this wig is very easy to care for and great for first time wig owners/buyers. Overall, I’d say it was well worth the $64.

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