Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Brightlele Review

So I finally decided to buy a Brightlele wig! So here's my review of it. It is a japanese wig by the company Brightlele I have seen many lolita's wearing Brightlele wigs and decided it was my turn to buy one and try it out to see what all the buzz was about. I am so~o glad I did.

I chose the style named H602 which is an adorable long wavy wig in the color coded KG. I ordered it from Hazelnuts cawaii which is a great facebook shop. I ordered with airmail shipping which took about 2weeks estimated delivery was 2-4weeks so 2weeks is great! In total the wig cost me about in Britsh pounds £26 depending on the exchange rate this could vary for you should you buy this wig.
The wig I ordered and it's different colors available to buy.
It is made from heat-resistant high quality synthetic Japanese fibres so it can be restyled/be changed in style, you can use a blow dryer,straighter or curling iron on it and it will not melt or be destroyed. The wig color was perfect it looked it was like a honeyed brown color. I have very short hair in a pixie bob cut and it's blue,yes blue. I have blue hair. However I am a lolita and short blue hair is not suitable for lolita so this sweet innocent looking wig was just perfect!

It is very soft and easy to brush,it look very realistic and does not shine too much, it has a shine too it but it looks like normal healthy human hair like the hair shampoo or hair color models have on television.

It's very light on my head and comfortable the adjusting straps inside the wig mean that I can make it to be the perfect fit for me and therefore I can jump and dance about without worry of it slipping,moving or coming off.

Because the wig is so light it doesn't feel hot I wore this wig to my friends 17th birthday party BBQ and it was a very hot day I was very hot in my dress but my head in the wig was not very hot at all.

Overall: I would highly recommend this wig to anyone who wants a cute realistic wig or anyone after a great quality wig to buy from Brightlele from Hazelnutz cawaii there are loads and loads of amazingly beautiful wigs and colors to choose from and Hazelnutz cawaii even does pre-orders so you can buy a wig of a new style/color before it is released so you can definatly have that dream wig you've always wanted!

Score: I score this wig 5/5 and will definitely buy another Brightlele wig in fact I already have but I won't review it for a while since I already have this Brightlele wig review here, but it's just as amazing! I will recommend a Brightlele wig to anyone wanting a natural looking wig.

As you can see from the cute picture of me and the birthday girl who's birthday party I first wore this wig out too, next to her hair it looks very natural and realistic,if only she didn't know that I actually have short hair I could have gotten away saying it was my real hair hehe.

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