Wednesday, 21 May 2014

BrowBox by Urban Decay Review

 So as promised I am going to do my Urban Decay mini haul review. First off starting with the BrowBox, because it's the smallest item and is only used on my eyebrows and therefore will be a smaller shorter review.

I forgot to take a picture before I used it, so it's all messy and used now so I will use a stockphoto which I do not own. As you can see in the photo on the right the product comes in a cute little purple box that has two compartments. One has the two shades of eyebrow power and the eyebrow wax to keep your brows in place,and the other compartment contains two angles brushes,I use one for the powers and the other for the wax, there is also small angled tweezers which is excellent for getting the tiny tiny hairs that look like little black dots. There are two mirrors one for each compartment and one them magnifies!

As you can see above there is a before and after of my eyebrows. I left my brows alone for a few weeks to let them grow and get abit messy so I could see the full use of how to tweezers work for bit and small hairs,and to see how well the BrowBox defines my brows.

The tweezers are amazing! they can get big stray hairs and the super tiny black dot looks ones with ease which is amazing because my old tweezers could never get the super tiny ones so I always had dotty eyebrows. Not attractive! The tweezers are excellent for shaping brows too because they are so small they can shape very easily my old tweezers could simply tweeze out the big stray hairs and that was it I had to pay each month or so for eyebrow threading which was £13.50 a time!

The two shades of powder blend perfectly together, I like to have the darker shade on the middle of my brow and the light shade on the outter edge of me brow. It gives it extra definition I think. I bought this BrowBox in the shade Honey pot and it matches my brows very well.

The magnifying mirror helps me fine tone my eyebrows by getting up close and personal with them haha. The eyebrow wax does keep my eyebrows in place all day it's just a little tough to clean off my face at the end of the day but some soap,abit of gentle rubbing and a plash of water solves that.

Overall: I rate this Product 5/5 I payed £19 for it at Debenhams,click here for the direct link to the product,which is technically cheaper than my £13.50 eyebrow threading a month because I pay that every month and this brow box will last me about a year so you do the math haha. It does come in a darker shade too for ladies with darker eyebrows. I highly recommend this little box so please do check it out, it's available at Debenhams for only £19 and comes in two shades Honey pot and Brown sugar.

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