Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Kawaii kitty cat bag review, Primark.

This is just a quick review of a cute little item I would love to share with you all. It's a super cute bag/purse from Primark in the shape of a kitty cat's face. It's from Primark's YD collection for children, I maybe 17 years old but I just love cute things! So when I saw it I simply just had to buy it. I mean look at it awhh I don't even care if it's for children I liked it so I bought it.

Since this bag was made for children you can expect it to lack the things needed for an adult, Eg: An inside zipper pocket,the right length strap to fit us and to be sturdy and well made. However It has all of those things.

The strap is long enough to fit me perfectly and I am 162cm tall, I'm not a one shoulder bag girl myself so I have it over me like a messenger bag and it comfortably rests next to my hip which is purrrrfect because that's where I like my bags to be plus it's easy to get my purse in and out of the bag when in a shop buying items when it's next to hip.

The bag is very sturdy but still flexible, it holds it's shape very well and is incredibly well made for a children's bag, the bottom doesn't have a hard panel in it yet is still very tough.

The stitching is great on this I've pulled and pulled on this poor bag very much so to see how easy the bag rips,tears or comes apart but to my surprise it didn't even stretch the stitches. I suppose it's well made because it's for children and Primark would get bad credit if it broke after being with a children for 5minutes.

As I said earlier on there is an inside zipper pocket. Most children's bags are just floppy fabric with nothing more than a hollow cave inside,but this bag has an inside zipper pocket for things; I like to keep my bus and college card passes in there with some change for munchies hehe.

Overall I think this bag is worth the £5.00 that Primark is selling it for. The bag sells with a tag saying "matching purse available" but sadly I never saw the purse in the Primark where I live. This was the last kitty bag they had left when I went Primark which is why I grabbed it while I had the chance! This is a cute novelty bag for both adults who like cute things and children.

Score 4.5/5 I knocked off 0.5 because there was a bow on the bag but I found it tacky and thought it ruined the overall appearance of the bag and much prefer it to be symmetrical.

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