Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay review and primer potion review

Once again as I promised here is my review of Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette with swatches of it with and without primer. And photo's of me wearing it with and without primer and going through my day and checking how it wear with the primer vs without the primer.

First off here's a stock photo of the palette as you can see there are 12 shadows in here some are matte and some aren't,also some are two toned such as BlackHeart which is a black with red micro-glitter it which gives it an amazing effect when worn it look black then when you blink there's a flash of the red micro-glitter, So there is a very nice mixture in this palette it comes with a double ended brush which is sooo soft! One end is for applied eye-shadow to the whole of the eye and the other end for applying it just too the crease, the smaller end is for the crease naturally.

With this Palette you receive 4 free sample pods containing a weeks worth of primer. The 4 free sample primers you get are, Original which dries clear,Sin which dries with a shimmery effect,Eden which is a sort of concealer/primer and an Anti-aging primer which is the same as the original but with an anti-aging formula in it. As you can see from the photo on the right I have taken the original one out so I can use it on my arm for the swatches so you can see how they look with and without a primer.

 There isn't too much different between having primer and not in terms of color. Urban Decay is very high quality make-up which contains very concentrated pigments so you don't need a primer to bring out the best in terms of color however if you want to keep this make-up on and stop it from creasing a primer would be a good idea.

A quick run-down of the colors. Strange is a white with a pink hue too it and is a matte color I use this to highlight my brow-bone and on my inner eye color to open it up and make it look bigger. Dust is a pale shimmering color with iridescent micro-glitter,I use this as a sort of "top-coat" to make my eyes glitter. Burnout is a silky satin pinky-peach color. Limit is a dusty rose matte. Buzz is a shimmery rose/bronze color with silver micro-glitter. Trick is goldy/coppery metallic pink shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle. Nooner is a very light brown with a pink tone it is also a matte color. Liar is a mauve shimmery metallic color. Factory is like a dark brown pink with a satin finish. Mugshot is a shimmer taupe with a slight hint of pink under a bright light. Darkside is a dark mauve-taupe color with a stain finish. and BlackHeart is a very very dark black black with a valentine heart color red micro-glitter. I love all the colors but I mostly like the one's with micro-glitter because you get a flash of that color if you blink in the bright sunshine which looks amazing!

Left with primer. Right without primer. 8 hours after applying.
I put primer on one eye and not on the other then did a very quick simple eye-shadow look with the naked 3 palette and wore it for 8 hours. Above is a picture of my make-up eye hours after applying it. As you can see on the photo, strange which I applied to the inner corner has stayed on perfectly on both eye's. However I put dust on the ball of my eye and buzz on the outer corner. I can vaguely see buzz on the right without primer and I can see it fine on left with primer, but dust has completely rubbed off the right eye which had no primer on where as it's perfectly find and hasn't even creased on the left eye. I also applied BlackHeart as a soft eye-liner and it has smudged out to a light grey on the right without primer,and is completely the same as how I put it on, on the left with primer. I conclude that a Urban Decay's original primer works for at least 8 hours, it does hold eye-shadow on without creasing it.

Overall: I LOVE THIS PALETTE! I have pale olive skin so pink tones and gold tones suit me very well so a palette of rose hued warm colors is just perfect for me! The primer was amazing and worked better than I expected (just wish I'd done a fancier eye make-up too show it to you better oh well) this palette cost £37 from Debenhams click here for direct link to it.

My only downside to this product is the huge amount of fall out on the shimmering,micro-glitter colors,I suggest doing your eye make-up then your foundation of the fall out will ruin your whole face.

However despite that this is an amazing product it suits me perfectly and I do love Urban Decay so I'm giving it score of 4.5/5 I recommend this to anyone who suits warm rosy colors. It's just perfect for you.

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