Monday, 19 May 2014

Urban Decay Haul

My mini haul of Urban Decay thing. Instagram picture of this click here.
Hello My darling followers!

 I have finally got a mini haul of urban decay things I am going to review them one by one in full detail as soon as possible for you all.

I bought the brand new palette naked palette called Naked 3 which I full of warm gold and rose tones. In the full review of this I shall do many swatches. I received free samples of urban decay primers so I shall do swatches with and without primer for you. 

I bought Urban decays Naked skin weightless perfection blurring foundation in shade 2 (I had it professionally color matched to me) to match the palette, When I review the foundation I shall wear some Naked 3 eye makeup too, using the primer on one eye but not the other to see how the shadow stays on. (This will be in the Naked 3 palette review)

I bought Urban decay brow box in honey (the lightest color) too in the review I shall show you my eye's with one eyebrow done with the brow box and the other not so you can see the difference in brow definition.

Lastly I bought Urban Decay Chill makeup setting spray which cools and hydrates the skin while keeping your make-up looking "just applied" all day In the review on this I shall use it over the naked 3 eyeshadow,naked skin foundation and brow box on my face I shall take a picture just after application and one 8hours later and test the product and share the pictures and findings with you. It says it should last 8-hours so that's how long I will wear it for.

I cannot wait to do these reviews I hope you enjoy reading about them. Thank you for reading.

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