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Kawaii club ookii by keep-it-secret July 2014 box

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Yes it's finally here My kawaii club July box review! I'm sorry it's so late everyone but I've been very busy decorating my new house recently and my laptop has been packed away in a box so it didn't get ruined so I couldn't do any reviews ; u; I am so sorry everyone please forgive me!

The theme of this kawaii club box is "summer is here!" So all the items were based on summer and keeping you cool and comfortable during the hot summer days and nights.

On the top of the box,after removing some tissue paper to keep the items protected,the first thing I saw was this adorable Kiiroitori san-x character fan. The fan has a little ball chain on the bottom of the handle with a tiny version of the same kiiroitori that makes up the fan, both the tiny kirroitori and the big one are made of a thin but sturdy plastic, the fan works very well and I only need to give small gentle waves of it to create big cooling wafts of air. The fan is very cute and is very useful to me and I'm always grabbing the nearest book and using that as a fan  xD hehe

The next item was a Rilakkuma San-x yellow silicone Ice-Cube tray to make ice-cubes in to have in your drink and to put/use in the Rilakkuma San-x drinks bottle that also came in this box but I'll get onto that in a minute. I did make ice-cubes and I wanted to show you but my camera wasn't catching the details of the Ice-cubes due to them being clear. So instead I used this mould to make rilakkuma chocolates! and they came out great! As you can see by the picture on the left, I made other chocolates too with my own moulds. Yummy! They were so cute I didn't want to eat them. c:

 Like I said in the paragraph above you were also given a Rilakkuma San-x drinks bottle. It comes with a handle so you can carry it about and measurement markers so you know how much you are drinking it also has a strainer in the top (this is removable) I made Jasmine tea in this drinks bottle with loose tea leaves and the tea strainer worked very well at keeping the tea leaves in the bottle and not in my mouth haha, this drinks bottle is super cute and I drink 3litres of water a day and this is the bottle I always drink my water or non-milk tea out of now it's super cute and super useful!

I also received some some cool retro style UV400 protection pink tinted sunglasses, they work very well and give everything a super kawaii rose tint, wearing this quite litterally makes it like "looking at life through rose tinted glasses" as the English saying goes, which for my none English readers it means looking at everything like it's perfect and nothing is wrong so all nice and rosy. Since I have to wear prescription glasses or wear circle lens/contact lens with my sunglasses I probably won't wear this much however I will for photo's as they look great in photo's for that retro cool summer look.

 To keep the sunglasses safe in the box was this super cute glasses case featuring a girl in a kimono flying a kite and her pet cat. The glasses case contained a glasses glass wipe to clean the sunglasses with, this wipe was super soft in a peach color and featured white polka dots and the pet cat again in the middle waving a little flag with the slogan "Enjoy your life" which I thought was a super cute and adorable way to remind yourself to have an awesome time this summer. The sunglasses fit perfectly in the case.

The last item I got in this lovely package from kawaii club was this Rilakkuma headband to wear while you remove your make-up to keep your hair out the way of your face while you wash it, however I've found it's like a towel and sucks up water so instead after washing my hair and giving it a brush I put in this hair band to dry my hair while it keeps it out the way of my face. The headband has a cute Rilakkuma face on the front and a cute little Rilakkuma bear tail in the back, as you can see from the photo's.

All-in-all I believe this kawaii club ookii package was worth the £19.99 it cost because all the items are san-x lisenced and if you were to buy these items at an anime convention I believe it would cost much much more than £19.99, I will get plenty of use from the Rilakkuma drinks bottle,Rilakkuma Ice-cube tray and Kiiroitori fan this super hot the summer and the other items will get alot of use too but not as much as the ones I just listed. I am very happy with this package and hope to do a review on a kawaii club package again in the future. Thanks for reading! Click here to order a package.

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