Tuesday, 15 July 2014

ModeS 4 U review and 10% off code

Click the picture or here to go to http://www.modes4u.com/ use AmaiMint01 for 10% off
 ModeS 4 U review oh mi gosh I got so much cute stuff! and My first ever re-ment oh mi gosh I'm so excited to be doing this review ahhh! (≧◇≦)  OH AND COUPON CODE!!! "AmaiMint01" get 10% off

So first up how my package looked when I opened it! After I opened the super boring brown standard post office packaging uck! I found this little box covered in super cute kitty cat paper! I carefully removed the paper not wanting to damage it
In the right hand corner is a freebie musical french deco tape

It was all packaged so cutely and tightly so nothing would get damaged I also got a freebie, I forgot to take a picture of that on it's own :c but look at the picture below and read the caption. The freebie deco tape is french flag and music themed.

Click the picture here for link to this.
First thing I opened was the squishy in the bottom left corner of the open box picture. It was a Rilakkuma strawberry dipped in pink chocolate squishy. Rilakkuma squishys.

It came in perfect condition and looks soooo super cute. I don't want to ruin it so it won't be going on my phone but I will add it to my squishy collection c:

It cost £2.96/$4.28 click here for direct link to this squishy.

Click the picture above for direct link or click here.

The last thing I ordered my first ever re-ment miniature and  it wasn't just any re-ment I got the 10th anniversary Rilakkuma sweet collection phone dust plug re-ment EEP!

It was a mystery which one I got out of the ten available see the picture left to see which other's I could have gotten.

I ended up with the Rilakkuma cream filled crepe and it's sooo cute! I'm so happy I got this one and a 10th anniversary edition rilakkuma re-ment too ahh!

Click picture above or here for link.

I currently have the charm on My phone but I'm going to use it in the headphone jack on my Nintendo DS because it's so boring I need something to cutie-pie it up and I think this is just the item!

Although I'm using it as a dust-plug it come with a cellphone charm strap to just make it a normal phone charm too.This item cost £3.59/$5.19 click here for direct link.

I recommend you check out http://www.modes4u.com/ for super cute re-ment and stationary sets. Thankies sooo much for reading <3 don't forget to use AmaiMint01 for 10% off

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