Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tasty Peach Studios Kawaii Review

Click The image above to check out http://www.tastypeachstudios.com/

Here is my tasty peach studios review! eep! it's all so cute. First off was this adorable kandi badge set, kandi is an alpaca that is exclusive to the tasty peach studio's website and she cannot be found anywhere else if you find her somewhere else report that store!

There are six buttons in total each with a different pose that kandi is in the buttons are very solidly made and the design is printed straight on to the metal not a piece of paper under a plastic screen.

Due to the print being put straight onto the metal I expected the paint to scratch off very easily but when I gave one of the badges a claw with my nails the paint didn't scratch much to my surprise so the badges are very well made.

The badge pins are very sharp and strong so they'll go through any materials to decorate anything. Click here to buy. It's costs $5 c:

Next up is this super soft lanyard,it feels like silk oh mi gosh it's so soft! It is decorated in a cute little bunny character named chirii just like the badge/button set this lanyard costs $5.

It is very quite long it reaches down to my belly button when I'm wearing it. I'm going to use it to hold my college and bus pass. *^^*

It's very strong I've had a good tug of war with my mother using it and it didn't break and my mother and I really go for it when we're having a tug of war so I have no fear it will snap on me.

I believe this lanyard will last me a very long time and will be super useful as I am always losing my college and bus pass ;w ; I could also use it to hold my convention card when I go cosplay events. c:

Click here to buy this cute chirii lanyard, costs $5.
 Lastly was this super cute nomwhal phone charm! I simply couldn't resist this little charm I love narwhals and I love anything cute so a Narwhal crossed with an ice-creams AWHHH! Q;A;Q it was just to cute not to get!

It's plain white on the back and the charm it's self only measures an inch tall but it's super light and since it's going to be a charm on my phone I don't want it to be huge and it will get in the way.

The nomwhal charm is made from acrylic and is 100% waterproof ,scratch resistant and shatter resistant and yes as always I did test this out it is all of those things.

The sweet pink phone strap is very strong too I gave it a strong pull and it didn't snap. Click here to buy this cute nomwhal. Cost like everything else $5.
I loved everything I received and I highly recommend you go check out http://www.tastypeachstudios.com/ c: THANKS FOR READING! <3

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