Thursday, 2 October 2014

frog life cycle ~ waku wake zukan candy

As you can see in the picture below I recently purchased some super kawaii candy from Japan! The candy is of a frogs life cycle! So interesting it's such a cute way to learn the life cycle of a frog.

The candy is called WakuWaku Zukan gummy, WakuWaku is a way to say excitedly nervous in Japanese on the packet you can see the little tadpoles looking WakuWaku! Zukan is a picture book encyclopaedia so each candy piece is a different stage in the frogs life cycle. The egg is Apple flavoured and the packet says the eggs hold a surprise and my god do they I was so shocked,surprised and nervous I was WakuWaku when I saw it. See the picture below! That's a tiny tadpole candy inside the egg candy! The apple flavour is similar to a shiny red apple you can buy in England and not a very strong flavour,the texture is that of a very soft gummy bear the lack of flavour is definitely made up for just by how awesome this candy looks!
There was two "special surprise frogs" you could get in the pack and I got one! Yay! See picture below. This candy was only different in shape it tasted the same as the other green candies. The green candies were the tadpoles and the frogs,everything was coated in sort of glittery edible flakes which I think was to stop the candies from sticking to each other it made them are sparkle and shine! The green candies were grape muscat flavoured and had the same consistency of the egg. The muscat flavour was very strong and tasted just like a gummy version of a non-alcoholic wine (Muscat) drink.
All in all I love these WakuWaku Zukan candies they were a really cute idea and would be great to give children to teach them about the life cycle of a frog,the attention to detail was amazing the tadpole in the egg was just mind blowing! I give these candies a 10/10! 

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