Monday, 10 November 2014

Kawaii box November cute autumn unboxing

It has been a while since I've done a full big box of stuff unboxing of super adorable items I'm back to college now and with my laptop breaking recently I've had a lot to do and have been very busy now I'm back and with a big box of super kawaii cuteness so let's get into it!

 Here is my kawaii box review! Not to be confused with my kawaii club box review, to see that review to compare the two boxes click here. this is a completely different company that is base in Singapore not England. The box costs £11.93/$18.90.

So when I opened my packaged and removed some pink tissue paper and a little note saying "Welcome to cute auterm." This is what I saw as you can see there's quite a lot of things in here an straight off I can see three quite expensive brands Glico,Sanrio and Pusheen, you are definitely getting your money's worth this is box.

I laid everything out, I have a total if ten adorable items, 3 phone charms,4 stationary pieces, 2 wearable items and 1 edible item. So there's a nice variety to this box unlike others which only contain stationary.

So the one edible item; Glico brand Pocky. I'm sure most you know what picky is if not you might know it's copy cat counterparts mikado and lucky stick, if not it's a long biscuit stick dipped 3/4 into chocolate then left to dry. It comes in many flavours such as milk,banana,white chocolate,dark chocolate and milk chocolate. The sticks hve a great crunch all the way through you'd expect the chocolate to make them stale or mushy but nope,crispy dry and with great crunch Mmm. Glico pocky to buy from my local Japanese candy seller costs £3/$6 so this is really great to get as it's fairly expensive due to import from Japan costs.

Now one of the charms and one of the wear able items. Both of these are brands and worth £3-£5/$6-$10 each depending on what your local Japanese store sells at so to get these plus the picky is a great deal! The pink cat is a popular online character called Pusheen. The character is traditionally grey but this pink version makes it extra kawaii! It has both a clip and keyring loop holder on the chain so it can be attached to most things and is very very soft. The socks are Sanrio lisenced the company who made hello kitty,these character is called My melody and she is actually my favourite Sanrio character she loves in the made up world of Sanrio town with other Sanrio characters and often appears in the hello kitty TV show as well as games. The socks are 22-24cm and a little small on me but I can wear them as bed sold so it's okai. They're very good quality not likely to pill or fray, they are also machine washable.

The other two charm items were and an "OMG",meaning oh my god a popular slang term in western countries,and a purple decoden macaron. The "OMG" charm is bad of a soft plastic like silicone but not,I'm unsure what it is but it's very bendable so I can have it on my bag and it's not likely to snap or break. The purple macaron charm has a cellphone strap I already have 4charms on my iPhone so sadly have no space for it so I attached it to my purse zip instead,it's very hard an also not likely to break and fall apart as it's all glued together very strongly.

The last wearable item I the pink and white zipper bracelet I have seen this bracelet in Claire's accessories UK for £4.50 so to get it in this box is amazing value! It's super cute and can be zipped open or closed for two different styles. Moving on to the last items stationary as you can see I got a sticker sheet of Panda puffy stickers doing cute actions I'm not sure what todo with then so I'm going to just keep then until I find a purpose for them,they're super squishy,puffy and very cute.

I also received in this box pink lace deco tape I have wanted deco tape for so long but couldn't find a nice one so this is perfect for me I'm going to decorate all my college notebooks in this around the edges! It's very sticky so won't rub off easy too! I always got little sticker page notes great for college if I find an important page I can put one of these adorable tabs on the top of the page,close the book and it'll stick out so that's amazing for me for college,saves me bending the pages and ruining my books,super cute too! 

The last item was this sheep stand up 2015 (containing 2014 from November onwards too) calander stationary piece. Each month has a different sheep face and is very sweet some of theme even made me giggle, I love how it starts November so I can use it straight away no waiting around!

All in all I rate this box 10/10 it's worth it's value of $18.90 with the brand items and contains a great mixture so isn't limited in what is has and offers you,it makes sure everything you get is useable like the calander starting the month I receive it that's a great idea! I love this box so much I hope you all check it out because it's 100% worth your money;sationary,food,wearable items and adorable charms what more could a kawaii girl ask for? 
Thanks for reading! To order a box click here.

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