Saturday, 18 April 2015

Traditional Chinese Snow White cakes tasting review

Hello my lovely darling readers sorry it's been a while there's been an issue in the mailing if a sponsors gifts so I've not had anything to blog about. Boo Royal Mail losing my parcels boooo, but have no fear I've found something else to talk about today this is just a short little review but at least it's something!

Today I went out to china town in Liverpool where I found a Chinese supermarket. And in there I got myself lots of treats but I sadly ate most of them on the train home and didn't get any pictures, what can I say they were delicious!

The few items that survived the dangerous Amai mint munching journey to my home are pictured below. The food item featured in the two upper corners of the picture are what my review today is about.These tasty treats are called Snow White cakes, sadly they have nothing to do with Disneys Snow White as wonderful as that would be. The cakes are made from rice flour,sesame seed flour and dessicated coconut combined together then pressed into a mild to give there beatific designs as seen below.
The cakes cost me £2.35 and I was informed they were freshly made each day by a local Chinese man, sadly he doesn't own his own store so the manger of the supermarket I was in sells these delicious cakes on his behalf. The cakes are very crumbly and remind me very much of the base of a cheesecake, they're more loose crumbly biscuit than cake in my opinion. The Snow White cakes have a crunchy peanut butter filling however it's not as wet and oiling as regular peanut butter it's drier so it does stick your mouth together when you eat it. The putter white layer of the cake just tastes very sweet with a vague coconut taste it's like dipping your finger into a ready mixed Victoria sponge cake mix very sweet and soft but firm at the same time. The peanut butter part tastes well like peanut butter does, the combination of the two flavours makes for a very sweet nutty taste, the flavour is that of a peanut butter cookie but a completely different texture.
Overall I rate these cakes 10/10 I will definitely buy them again the next time I visit China town. People will buy allergys sadly cannot have this cake from the high but content and anyone with milk or egg allergy and/or vegan,I was warned they were made in the same environment as this items but are kept separate so it's at your own risk to try them or not. Vegetarians like me feel free to munch away I hope you all try this lovely cakes.

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