Friday, 29 May 2015

Alice: Madness returns royal suit cosplay by MoeMall

The Hello sweet mints! I was ever so kindly sponsored a cosplay by MoeMall but sadly the link to there store wont work at the moment, so to find them you will have to google search them. They are an eBay store.

This cosplay is Alice:Madness returns, royal suit. My outfit cost $160 not including the wig,petticoat and shoes.
Below you'll find a picture of the costume. It's well built and strong. Each item is handmade. The arm pieces were abit large for me so my mother sewed them smaller. The costume doesn't not include the petticoat, I purchased an a line petticoat and rolled it up to make it short enough to fit under the dress to get the correct shape Alice Liddell has.
The costume includes many accessories the over the knee socks,black gloves, the omega collar broach, the waist band, the back bow, the red cuffs and the long up arm black arm warmers with the tower shapes on top. Alice's royal suit is a pretty intricate design compared to the typical blue dress and white apron costume she wears through out most the game by EA. 

All around the costume is designed to perfection includes little hearts on the back bow and little golden hearts down the back panel of the dress. All it is high quality and not just some fabric patches glued on, every piece is hand sewn on. The costume will take about 6-8weeks to arrive because each one is handmade. 

This costume is amazing alone so I did very little to amp up the wow factor. I added a very cheap wig I ordered very last minute to the costume arriving I ordered a 'black wig' off eBay costing $5/£3 and it's very shiny low quality and from a random seller(it was a quick buy so I can take pictures for this review) I am currently waiting on boots as Alice has boots I'll update this post as soon as they arrive!

To make this costume pop out at you I added the simple black wig and parted in the middle like Alice and pinned the part into place and I did very simple easy Alice makeup. Alice is mentally ill so I'm very pale so I added no foundation as the pale sick color was pretty accurate to Alice, I just added concealer around my red hayfever stuck nose, I left my eye bags alone as she has tierd eyes. 
I added a matte purple shade to all my eye lid upper and lower lightly and roughly to my lower lash line then added a red blush over that to give sick tied glow Alice's eyes have. I filled in my brows black and added urban decays black heart from the naked 3 pallet to my lower eyelid and blended out into a wing.

I then put what was left of the black on my brush onto the lower lash line and added no mascara as Alice's lashes are hardly visible, I added no blusher either just some matte brown to contour my nose to make it smaller like Alice's and the same shade in my cheek bones to look skinny and ill. I only added none coloured Chapstick to my lips as Alice's are pretty neutral in colouring and added a tiny dab of burgundy lipstick in the middle of my lips and blended out. Makeup complete.

This very simple wig and very simple makeup made the costume and me come to life as Alice Liddell in Queensland ready to take on Lizzie and find out the truth about the night of the fire then confront and take revenge upon Angus bumby! The outfit needed very little work to make it amazing as you have just read.

I will definitely be getting another outfit from MoeMall again as the costumes are amazingly well built! Every last detail even to the slight unevenness of Alice Liddell's apron, see the picture above(yes it's genuinely off centre cut in the game it's just Alice's style) MoeMall sell matching wigs and custom made Alice Liddell boots to complete your outfits! I rate MoeMall 10/10 this costume is one of my favourite cosplays so far!

I rate this costume and MoeMall 10/10 they proved many accessories,make great quality items and are super accurate with the costume details! One of my favourite cosplays so far, be sure to google MoeMall and check them out thank you for reading. Take care and have a great day!

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