Sunday, 24 May 2015

TaffyMail classic box May 2015 review and coupon code 10% off

Hello my lovely candy munchers! Today with have a review and video! I know fancy! Today's item is a box of American candy kindly provided by TaffyMail at TaffyMail is the UK's only American candy subcription box and you can get 10% off any box using the coupon code AmaiMint at checkout! Happy munching!

The full video of the box is avaiable at Including an unboxing and a taste test of all the candy inside.

To stop myself sounding like I'm repeating what I've already said in the video,I've decided to write this post on the item in the box I enjoyed the most.

There was lots of candy in this box to chose from and I really enjoyed the taste of many things, the peach soda tastes just like my favourite Japanese candy but in the end there could only be one favourite.
I chose the caramel apple lollipop by the tootsie company! Tootsie also made the Dots candy and tootsie roll I also received in the box. If you watch the video from 24minutes you can see me try this lollipop and I'm so surprised!

I chose this candy as my favourite because it's so different to an English lollipop. I thought it would be a plain green and beige hard sugar candy lollipop with little flavour, like the English caramel apple lollipops. But nope! This lollipop was artificially flavoured apple so it was very strong! The apple flavour came really powerfully through the caramel toffee coating surrounding the moon shaped apple slice shaped lollipop.

I enjoyed this lollipop so much because it was so unique and different to English candy I ate it as soon as I finished filming the video so the only images are screenshots from the video. Ha-ha. I give this candy 9/10 while my favourite it is still artificially flavoured so one point off. I give the TaffyMail box 10/10 and I can't wait to work the company again to see what other surprises I get! check them out and use coupon code AmaiMint for 10% off any box for 3months use!  Happy eating!

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