Friday, 29 May 2015

Okashi connection may 2015

Hello lovelies! My first post since putting up my l international and anyone of any age can enter! (Under 16s please get parents permission because if you win I'll need your address.)

On to today's topic. It's a monthly Japanese candy subcription box from Okashi connection at The box costs $22/£13.50 each month and contains at least 5items anymore are extras at no extra cost! Wow! My full unboxing and tasting opinion is in the video is here, click to view.

I didn't want to repeat what I said in the video and with so many items it would make this blog post very long, so I've picked out my three favourite items from the box to talk about on my blog in abit more detail.

Above is all the items I received in this box. It was really hard to pick my favourite was originally going to chose just one but I couldn't so I decided upon three favourites. All the items I received I very much enjoyed and are worth talking about but that can be seen in the video. Below are my three favourites.
Pictured above are my three favourites. From left to right, first is the veggie taberu chips, peanut picky and Elise blueberry and yoghurt wafers. I picked these as my three favourite for there uniqueness.

First let's talk about the veggie taberu chips. I eat British vegetable chips from M&S as they're the only vegetable chips I like. I was really expecting to hate these chips but surprise surprise I really liked them. All the chips taste them same but come on three colours, green, golden beige and orange and are shaped in adorable little cross hatched star shapes.

 They don't taste like vegetables there's a very slight after taste of root vegetable taste but it's very slight, these chips just taste like plain ready salted chips. I give these 10/10.

Next item that's one of my favourites are these limited edition peanuts pocky by the glico company(the same company who make caplico freeze dry icecream) Okashi connection don't normally send out pocky as its a very common Asian item and not too hard to get hold of in any country. These peanuts pocky were based on the TV show 'peanut' so naturally they're peanut flavoured, the peanut coating is very smooth and creamy. Pocky often uses nut flakes on its nut flavoured pocky so this is a favourite for its packaging and smoothness. 10/10
The last favourite of mine are these Elise wafers by the bourbon company. Elise teamed up with Disney to create it's beautiful packaging I think these will sell really well because the Disney live action re-do of Cinderella has recently come out. The packaging is beautiful inside and  out. The picture below shows the back of the inner package.

The picture left as I have already said is the back of the inside packaging featuring the evil step mother from the original Disney movie, I really liked this detail and I love her shocked/angry facial expression. These wafers were blueberry and yoghurt flavoured and double ended so each end of the stick tastes of one of those flavours separately they're lacking wow factor but eating the stick all in one tastes really great just like a blueberry yoghurt the flavours are nice separately but I like them best together. 10/10

Thank you so much for reading and be sure to check out if you want to buy one of these boxes only $22/£13.50 a month and you get many unique candies! And don't forget to enter my giveaway at here  ends 31st July 2015. Thank you my readers and thank you Okashi connection I loved his box!

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