Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Pokemon style Cute Japanese fashion!

Hello my sweet mints! Today I've a cute Japanese fashion Pokemon themed fashion/style review! These items are from CuteJapaneseFashion! Where you can buy kawaii Japanese clothes for less than £20 each! No lie, all £20 or less!

First up the leggings! 

They cost £9.00 and they got UK size 6-12 they feel quite right at first but after some walking and stretchy they become with comfortable and fit perfectly. They're very shinny and soft they're made of spandex and polyester.                                  

These leggings are very cute and comfortable perfect for college. I'm doing my A levels right now and I want to feel very comfortable like I am still in my night clothes and these leggings fit that description I'll definitely be wearing these to my law exam on Friday.

Next item is the Pikachu eating an onigiri tee shirt, it's costs £11 and is very soft, it's made from cotton and polyester. This also will be worn too my next exam as it is also extremely comfortable to wear.                    Both items look adorkable together! They both arrived very quickly it only took one day to arrive to me after shipping, which is the fastest I've ever received clothes before without paying through the nose on shipping costs! is based in the UK so if you also live here you will get the items within a day or two. Too make this outfit abit cuter I added lots of rouge blush on to symbolise pikachu's cheeks and I had glittery eyeshadow for a magical cute look.

Too finish off the outfit I added a blue wig too look like the blue outline on the Pokemon logo and a creepsville666 eyeball bow for a pop of red to tie into the cheeks of Pikachu. Overall I rate both items 10/10 they arrived extremely quickly, they're both very comfortable with no loose threads(sometimes new items have loose threads on.)

The store these are from all the items cost under £20 each. I got a tee shirt and leggings for £20 together I think that's really good value, too buy these cute nerdy casual clothes visit

Click here to see the unboxing first impressions video

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