Saturday, 23 May 2015

Triko bear jelly mango pudding

Hello cuties! Today I'm breaking my own blog rules of only writing about thinks that have been sponsored to me but this was just too cute not to talk about! This is gift off my mother she got me today while I was at ballet. It was from our local food summer food festival. Which I sadly missed due to my ballet class.                                         This cute item is a money box jar, it's very large for a money box so it will take a very long time for me to fill it.  The jars were available in Mickey mouse (with chocolate biscuit roll in),panda version (cookies inside) and a pink version with strawberry pudding inside. Mine has mango puddings with coconut inside.

The one my mother got me this brown bear that reminds me very much of rilakkuma, she noticed that too which is why she got me this one. Mine contains mango jelly pudding with coconut inside made by the tricko food company.It contained 10 little puddings and the head of the best screws off to allow access inside. There's also a rope handle on top of the bear for carrying. 

Each pudding is a light yellow orange colored jelly contains no gelatine. They taste like mango yoghurt with 2cm square cubes of pure coconut inside.

These puddings are made by the triko company and are widely available around the UK in asian markets in places such as ChinaTown, the packaging is similar to that of a 6 pack of yoghurts so they don't look very interesting so are rarely bought but these bear jars sell out in most asian markets because they are so cute, make great gifts and can be kept and used for other things.

The puddings are very tasty and once you're done eating all the puddings you can keep the jar for other things as I have stated above either as a money box or do what i did and add lights for a cute night light. I rate this item 10/10 because it's so cute,can be a good jar or money box and the puddings are very delicious!                                                                                                    

If you don't want to use the bear as money box you can put battery or solar powered LED lights inside for a cute ambient glowing bear to fall asleep too! Cute for children afraid of the dark or just people who like cute things. Thank you mommie! And thank you for reading everyone.

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