Saturday, 13 June 2015

Cute Japanese fashion sailor moon coupon code 15% off !

Video is now online here to see more pictures angles and more of an opinion on these items please check that out.

Hello My lovely readers! we've hit over 8000views today! and over 1000entries into my kawaii giveaway enter here. Thank you all SOOOOO much! My blog would be nothing without you just some words and pictures on a site no one ever saw! You are the reason I get sponsors and you are the reason I get to do such awesome reviews! Today we have another review! are a full-time sponsor so you'll hear a lot about the store here on my blog as I will receive items from there every month! The items I received were sailor moon Artemis (the white cat) tights link to them here and a mint strap skirt link here. So let's go on and get into the review shall we? Ha-Ha
First off all items from are approved by my cat, that's a very important thing to remember. While that may sound very silly normally when I buy clothes online they always have a chemical cat smells them and doesn't like the same so doesn't like the clothes, but no chemical smell so they're cat approved.                           .                                                                                                                       The first item I am going to talk about are the tights. I love sailor moon and with the new 2014/2015 remake out I just had to get this adorable artemis tights, I would have got luna but I already own black cat tights so they weren't top of my want list.                                                                                                                                                                                 The tights came nicely packaged which is not ripped to shreds from my eager opening, the tights feature the face of artemis on the front, a little white tail on the back and the sailor moon Artemis and luna logo. The tights are flesh coloured at the top so they have the 'fake stocking' style, they're very cute and quite thick so not likely to ladder easily, the quality of the printing is very good and not likely to crack or break. These cost £8.99 and are available here. The picture of the back tail on the stockings is pictured below and my blog layout wouldn't allow me to put it here next to the paragraphs about the tights. Sorry everyone.
The other item I got was a mint green strap skirt costing £13.99 and are available here. When I ordered these I was told they were of a lower quality than the usual quality but there was an issue with the dealer than gets it's items from, so I wasn't expecting much but to my surprise the skirt was just fine to me, the straps were a slightly darker mint than the bottom skirt part and was quite odd looking but when I put it on, it looked just fine.                                                             .          .                                                                                                                                      I'm happy with the quality of the skirt I received and if this is a dodgy low quality one then damn the original usual ones must be great! I guess it's a matter of personal opinion but I'm happy. The skirt wasn't too short or too long I don't usually like skirts too much above my knees but this was only about 4-5inches higher so this was fine, it pass my 'bend over' test and no under wear was shown Ha-Ha.  I love the colour I know on the website it says blue and in some of my pictures it is blue that's because I had a typical english day and the lighting was very poor, the pictures left and right are the actual colour, a somewhat bright mint.                                                               .                                                                                                                                                                     I'm really happy with the colour and quality of this skirt even if it is a bad one also it matches my name Amai Mint Ha-Ha so to me it's perfect and goes really well with the tights, find it here.
Below are just a few extra pictures as I took many of this outfit I don't want to spam you with all my hundreds of selfies I just want to show off the outfit bit more to you. Once again I love all my items from the total cost of the skirt and the tights together is £22.98 or using my coupon code AmaiMint it will only cost you £19.54! So why not grab a bargain of cute japanese styled clothes and be a kawaii little princess at and make sure to use my coupon code! Even cheaper if you do, who doesn't love a bargain?!  I will have a video unbagging of this up soon, trying to get use to the new MacBook video editing software, I'll link it one it's up. Thank you so much for reading! make sure to enter my giveaway click here.

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