Saturday, 27 June 2015

Pink Parcel June review and unboxing

Hello my sweet mints! It's been a while since I've done a subscription box hasn't it? Oops.

Well don't worry I've got one now, It's from Pink Parcel and it's very different from ones I've done in the past. This is a lady monthly subscription for her 'monthly gift' (periods) this box has got supplies to deal with the physical intimate issue as well as many lovely items to help you feel emotionally better during most woman's lowest part of the month, to see the unboxing and first impressions video click here first box £5.95 

Firstly I'll talk about the two later boxes (pictured on the right) and the velvet pouch as they are the least to talk about. The velvet pouch has 4 tampons (or pads depending on what you say you use during sign up) and the 'later' boxes contain an extra 20 (10 each) in tampons, quite simply the pouch is for your bag and the boxes can be thrown away, for me personally 24 tampons is more than enough.

Moving on to the more fun parts, what's in the 'For you' box, this is the one with all the fun goodies in! Firstly there is a £25 gift code for HelloFresh a monthly meal subscription box, I have got one before out of my own money and it was delicious for vegetarians and meat eaters, even allergy suffers, I recommend using this gift card!

Next item is a bar of organic BeautiQ 197 calorie per bar 70% peruvian cocoa chocolate bar with many heath benefits! even sporting a sticker on it saying 'Health benefits scientificantly proven' the packaging inside and out is very cute, even more so inside which has loads and loads of information about all the health benefits of dark pure cocoa in chocolate, even gives a break down of the three most important vitamins/ minerals in this chocolate bar that are great for your body! The chocolate it's self came in 4 rectangular pieces I only managed too eat two pieces and my mom ate one as it is very very bitter, but very tasty, good in small amounts.

The next item is 'quickies' no not that kind before anyone even comments, but yes that is rather funny, these are a set of purse sized make-up remover pads you get 30 in a little pouch, they work very well if on oil/balm filled lipstick, speaking of which the next item is exactly that.

The next item is an MUA intense tint and balm twist up and down lipcolor. It's very moisturising and tints the lips well for a balm type tint, which are often very muted in color. See the left image for a color swatch and a picture of the actual item. I though the color would be very dark based on the packaging but was actual a nice rose bud color, the actual color name is 'Broken hearted'

The next item is BeauTea made in Japan but owned by an Australian company (pictured on the right) the tea contained skin kind ingredients helping boost radiance, the tea was raspberry flavoured and enjoyed without milk, I drank the tea with the Nairns muesli oatcakes (on the left) these were very tasty with lots of wholegrains, the flavour was similar of oat tea biscuits.

 The last two items are beauty related. One is a sample size of sass purifying intimate cleanser (for cleaning up,the lady parts down there) excellent for that time of the month,very gentle and hp balanced, enough said Ha-Ha. The last item is Maybeline color show in vintage leather, it's a matte dark mud brown color with flecks of gunmetal flakes inside.

Overall I really liked this subscription box it was fun to do such a sensitive topic of periods on my blog, since while being a female based blog I get a lot of males readers, how they react to this should be interesting Ha-Ha. The 'For you' gift part of this box certainly has lots of little things to help you feel happier & cleaner during your monthly, the 1st box will cost just £5.95 and you get the brand of tampons,pads or both you normally get, all the questions/need to know is asked during sign up, I got 24tampons which is more than the average box of tampons and they cost about 3pounds so for just a little extra I get even more and gifts! I rate this box 10/10, Unboxing video click here. Thanks for reading! Buy here.

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