Monday, 13 July 2015

Cosplay sky ~ Tomoe Mami festival yukata review

Hello everyone! If you have me on Facebook you'll know I have been super busy lately making many youtube videos and getting ready for manchester comic con. In the spirt of comic con today's review is of a cosplay, this cosplay was ever so kindly provided by This costume is the festival version of Tomoe Mami from paella magi madoka magi. Sadly it's just been rain,rain and rain in England so the only images are from when I first received this item in the mail and tried it out for size and just took a few images. However the images were taken in the shinning sun so are very clear and beautiful none the less.

Now on with the review, this costume you can purchase from cosplay sky, click here for this exact costume, costs $79 and you can either get it in a standard size or custom made for you, bare in mind custom size takes 6 weeks to make and be delivered to you. My costume is custom and it fits me PERFECTLY, no complains about the size at all. I was quite worried when it arrived as to how I would put it on as I have never worn a real yakuta or kimono before, luckily for me this costume comes in parts, an under dress that ties up easily, the big pink top layer which is tied up inside. The part I though would be hard was the obi belt and the bow, the belt came with velcro on it so easily stuck together in second and the bow just looped into the obi belt, it took a total of 7minutes to get into this costume most of which was just worried it would be difficult which it turned out to not be at all.

The printing on this costume is amazing, there's no mismatching or smudged print and the fabric is dyed rather than the print being printed onto the fabric. I have already washed this costume and theres no loss of color,quality or running of the patterns. The design is beautiful truly I put pictures up onto my Instagram ( @AmaiMint ) and received many comments at how beautiful it was as well as many many more likes. This costume is very comfortable and not heavy at all despite being rather long and made of many layers, it does get a little hot but that's to be expected from the amount of fabric in it. The shipping was very fast after the 6weeks creating custom fit time, I sadly missed the post man but because this costume was sent via Yodel, a courier, the post man kindly hide the parcel in my back garden with a note for me where it was.

All in all there's little to say about these costume as just looking at it, it speaks for itself, it's beautiful and very accurate to the original image which was only ever put onto a limited edition figure of Tomoe Mami. did an AMAZING job of creating this costume based on one figure toy. I rate cosplay sky 10/10 be sure to check them out the costumes are of amazing quality and are extremely cheap for all the hard work,effort and designing skills put into making them. Thank you for sending me this magnificent costume and thank you for reading my sweet mints!

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