Sunday, 19 July 2015

CosplayWorld_US ~ eBay store ~ Mint wig review

Hello my darling sweet mints! I know its been really slow and lacking content on my blog lately, that's because I'm working my butt off on my costume for Manchester comic on 25th july, less than a week left! If you want a sneak peak as who I'm going as click here. If you're going too and wish to meet me then please E-mail your number, name and who you're cosplaying to I'll feature any pictures taken with cosplayers on the day on my blog and/or my youtube

Anyway onto today's review. It is a review for the eBay store click here to be send to the store. The store is highly rated on eBay so I decided to give it a try out of my own, the store sells only wigs currently but it has a huge selection selling over 690+ different wigs, theres cosplay wigs and fashion wigs available, you can find a wig for just about any outfit at CosplayWorld_US The wig I purchased is a very tightly curled but not rigid mint wig, which I'm going to wear to a YouTube event in a fairy key co-ordinate.
To buy or view the wig I purchased click here. My wig cost $18.99+$2.99 shipping = $21.98 for my US readers, for my English readers the wig cost £12.15 + £1.91 shipping = £14.06 which is a bargain steal! wigs average 20GBP/30USD and even then the quality can be low, at the cheap price I was expecting a wig that would melt under heat and be very stiff. I was highly surprised when it arrived, it came with a free wig cap and a ziplock bag to store the wig in and a wig hair net to stop it tangling during storage. The wig was very soft and had mixtures of colors in it ranging from white,mint,grey up to a darker mint this gave the overall look of the wig a realistic hair color, well as realistic as mint can be. It was also very soft to the touch, the curls were very tight and no messy, I wanted a more effortless curl look so I used a shower comb to brush the curl out a little bit, it's ver important you don't use a hair brush or you'll fluff the wig too much and it'll look like a bird's nest!

However if you end up over brushing the wig or like me you wear it out on you're daily shopping routine and it gets wing swept you can always wash the wig. My wig got soaked in the glorious english weather, joke it's awful, just wind, rain and storms. So I decided to wash the wig. To do this just soak don't scrub! just keep pulling using the wig to the bottom of the sink or bath when it slowly rises to the surface of the water for 15minutes. Use lukewarm water as too cold or too hot will ruin the wig, think of it like bathing a baby, I also used baby shampoo mixed with conditioner in the water. The wig will look like a complete ruined mess but don't worry, drain the water out the skin and run a shower head of lukewarm water over it until you see no shampoo suds coming off of it, then little pat dry the wig in a towel to get the excess water off, then place it on a wig head stand. If like me you don't own one using an upturned mixing bowl, just something large to hold the wig on but nothing flat. Comb the tangles out the wig, then begin sectioning the curls, take a curl now probably a fluffy mess and just twirl it in around your finger until it becomes a curl again then move it out the way and of the same to another curl until you've got the entire wig curled again, it won't look exactly the same as it'l still be wet let it air dry for 24hours then the next day it'll be good as new!

Overall I really like this wig, it's a great mix of colors to make it look CosplayWorld_US for cheap and amazing cosplay wigs. Thank you all for reading! :D
realistic, it's easy to look great in it, it's easy to wash and return to it's original state, the extra storage tools and wig cap are a great surprise, they was no mention of getting these items so that's a great freebie! I highly recommend this wig, it's cheap and great quality and heat resistant I checked this by using my hair straightener on the fridge, no frizzing or melting, just perfectly smooth.

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