Wednesday, 1 July 2015 ~ Fitchburg oval ~ review

Hello my sweet mints! I already wrote this post out but there is a storm where I am living so sadly the wifi cut out and I lost it all, Ah well no need to cry just means I can write an even better review! Todays review is for they are of course a glasses store, but they are very cheap it cost me less than $40 including prescription lens for a pair of brand new glasses! That's less than I pay in local options and I get a 'Education voucher' for money off! Forget SpecSavers I'm buying mine from GlassesShop from now on.

I ordered a pair of glasses called Fitchburg oval in pink, click here for them. These glasses were very large lens, I personally hate small ones so huge ones are great for me! They had a slight cat eye shape, I wanted them for my pastel clothes with a 1950s vibe to them but I didn't want to look like Dame Edna, As fabulous as her glasses were I highly doubt I can pull them off daily. My glasses don't have the nose bridge 'nubs' as they personally hurt my nose so I opted for some with smooth contoured plastic. Glasses shop have a 'try on' feature so you can use a picture or take one with webcam to see how the glasses look on you to ensure the best glasses for your face and vision. These store offers cheap glasses and sunglasses.

These glasses fit my face perfectly, in fact I'd doing this review two days after they arrived so I had enough time to wear them twice too college and on my daily routine, just too properly test them out. I had no trouble with them being too tight and hurting behind my ear where the handles were. They didn't fall off my face at all, I do mainly written subjects at college so my head is always looking at the floor not once did these glasses fall off in fact I hardly ever had to push them up my nose bridge from them slipping, of course they don't defy gravity and do slip down a few millimetres after hours of staring down at my work, but no glasses I've ever had haven't so this wasn't an issue.

These glasses don't hurt my nose at all because I chose ones with 'nubs'. I fell asleep in these glasses on the day I got them because I had ballet after college that day and was very sleepy, they was no twisting or damage to the glasses, I scratched the lens many times with my nails and hair comb, there was no marks so they're very strong, I dropped them many times, all for reviewing purposes...mostly... still no damage, obviously if I did it with force not accidentally they probably would they're not unbreakable they're just not fragile, so don't start throwing them around!The glasses shop account for a range of prescriptions, I have two different eye powers and this was accounted for in my order at no extra cost! Normally I pay extra for having two different eyes so that was a huge bonus! They also account for a range of thicknesses in lens sizes. They sell cheap glasses, prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses!

The color of these glasses are a baby pink with a clear outer layer of 'color' clear isn't really a color but I think you know what I mean. They cost $29.95 but with shipping it comes to almost $40 which while you might whine thats still an amazing price I pay $80 for my glasses locally and theres no shipping at all! Also these glasses are delivered by currier to ensure they are not damaged! You pay for quality, broken glasses are no good to anyone! Each set of glasses comes with a FREE $129 value package this includes: Anti scratch coating, single vision lens, protective case and a microfibre cleaning cloth, You also get a coupon code with your first order. Hey did I tell you that you can also get a pair of glasses from glasses shop FREE, YES FREE GLASSES! click here and pick any glasses on the page linked to you don't click off that page onto other styles, once picked go to checkout and enter 'FirstFree' for your first pair of free glasses! this is a one time offer! Not all the glasses are free so be sure to stick to the link I gave you, Click here , there is only a small selection  of the store just so you can get an idea of if you like glasses shop or not. If you choose to buy from them again use coupon code GSHOT50 This will give you 50% off all the glasses they sell! Hope you enjoyed this review, buhbai cuties!Click below to follow me:

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