Friday, 3 July 2015

huge sweet spirits haul ~ sweet spirits review ~ fairy-kei haul

Hello my sweet mints! Today we've a SUPER HUGE BOX OF KAWAII THINGS! I am over joyed! I actually had to voice over the unboxing of the items because I started crying I was so happy, somewhat embarrassing. Today's blog post is a review for I have always always wanted some items from her store for years way way back in the day when I first got interested in kawaii fashion but the store sold out so quickly and now years on I have the privilege of being sponsored by SweetSpirts! For the review I got to chose 4 items,but was sent so many extras!

Firstly I'd like to make a note of how cutely everything was packaged and
how much time and effort the store owner puts into her items, everything was in a cute little bag of it's own and then in a bigger bag tied with ribbons, the cost of ribbons,bags and organza bags alone in this order based on some quick etsy searching for similar items total $6 and you get that for free just for ordering from SweetSpirts, I'll keep the ribbons to make bows for my hair,the boxes for rings and the little organza bags for keeping pairs of hair clips together, you can see just what I mean in the unboxing video.

The firstly prices (because she gave me so much in extras! almost double the actual asked for items!), The asked for item: A vintage rocking unicorn necklace costing $9.00, A sweet clouds necklace costing $7.00, A fly my star hair bow costing $13.00 and A frozen snowflake ring costing $4.50, the total of these being $33.50. The extras: Underthe sea necklace costing $19.00, Glitter lego ring costing $4.50, Star crossed ring costing $4.50, Angel wings hair clips costing $18.00 and Balloon rocking unicorn necklace costing $5 these total to $51, total order cost $82.I received 1 large&3 small sweet spirt magnets with 2 stickers, pictured on the right.

All the jewellery received is pictured on the left, I have no good worn image of some of these but if you'd like to see them clearer than the images check out the unboxing video. Firstly the necklaces, they are all made of very strong resin they are scratch resistant and very break resilient. They all contain flecks of heart glitter fakes, hexagon glitter flakes and glitter, making them all very simmering and beautiful in the sun light! They are all very light weight even the under the sea necklace which is the largest one, it doesn't weigh down the neck in fact you hardly even notice it's on your neck, feels like a necklace with a small locket on the end it's that light. Each necklace sold at is slightly different as each one it hand crafted by the store owner all on her own. Her collections change as soon as she's sold out of one but if you want an old collection item you can contact her for a custom order. Every collection is very different to the last so theres always something new to buy.

Moving onto the rings now of which I have some nice good quality worn photo's see right. First ring is the frozen snowflake ring on a gold plated adjustable ring to fit any size it has very small hearts in it's design not visible on picture, and very small flecks of glitter, so cute! The second ring is the lilac and pink blended cross ring on a sliver adjustable ring with a white coating, not as glitter as the other two rings but the blend looks like sweet cotton candy. The final ring is the adorable transparent lego ring thats on a silver adjustable ring, it's transparent enough to see the colors behind it but not so much you can't see the blue color too it, it has many gold flecks it that look great in the sunlight!

The final items are three hair clips, one of which was a set of two. Firstly the set of two was two wings that were blue in color with heart flakes, glitter and hexagon flecks inside it, with a top coat of glitter just at the top part of the wings, they were painted baby blue on the back so they weren't transparent so can be worn with any hair color without ruining the design look theres also a pearlised pink hair near the top of the wings.The second hair clip I got was the fly my star clip, which if you watched my unboxing you'll know that this was made in a genius fashion using one of the organza bags to make the bow of the hair clip then a pair of wings with a heart in blue with two smaller lilac and pink stars on top were added to create a very simple yet stunning hair clip. The last item I got was the balloon rocking unicorn clip, the balloons move up and down the rods as shown in the video so you can have a cluster of balloons or balloons that look like they're flying high in the sky, these balloons are attached to a very sweet soft fabric pink and blue rocking horse, this piece looks heavy and fragile but it's very light weight in the hair, it doesn't pull and it'll all strongly attached.

Thank you so so much SweetSpirts for letting m review your amazing harajuku inspired 80s vibe store, I loved everything you gave me so so much! I will buy from you in the feature just to do another review because your items are amazing! Everything even down to the packaging is so cute! Thank you everyone for reading this be sure to check out SweetSpirts at:


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