Monday, 17 August 2015

Amai Mint Vapour Kit ~ Kawaii vape pen

Hello my sweet mints I have something a little different for you today, in fact a lot different to my usual posts, This is for a vape pen, yes the alternative to smoking first off let's rule out a few things.
1) I never smoked and never will
2) I only vape organic VG (vegetable glycerin) 
3) I only vape 0 nicotine, meaning no nicotine at all, as I never smoked I do not need it.
4) I buy only from safe organic companies using food grade ingredients.

Now that's out the way I can get on with today's topic. I HAVE A VAPOR PEN KIT NAMED AFTER ME! I am so so honoured and excited for this. It's from who sponsored me many items, one of the tanks and batteries I just adore! So the owner of the store put them together and decided to sell them as a kit in my name as they are my favourite! That's not even the best part, the kit is a total price steal! ONLY $19.99/£12.80 (Plus international shipping, free to USA.)

The kit comes with: A USB charger, dual coil eLeaf pink tank, pink gemstone battery and two extra coils for the tank when you burn out the one already in it. Buy it here at I am honestly am over joyed to have this named after me, like I said before I have zero nicotine, I'm not using vaping as an alternative to smoking as I never smoked and therefore do not need it. Lucy's Vapor pens sells only 100% organic,safe and food grade E-Liquids handmade to the highest quality by the owner of the store, I wouldn't talk about anything unsafe to you,however they also sell E-liquids for people who are past smokers and are vaping as a safer alternative. You're probably thinking, Why does a none previous smoker vape? Well I actually have lung issues and I find vaping helps clean all the phlegm out of them so I don't get chest infections anymore like I used to, it's most helpful to me during the winter months when infection rates are high. So for me personally vaping is for health reasons, I know it's crazy something made for smokers which we all know cigarettes are dangerous is actually helping my health, totally crazy but true. 

I began vaping because I used to burn herbs and dried fruits for health reasons however burning things leads to smoke and smoke in any form be it from wood, herbs or anything else you set alight is bad, so it was more damaging my health than helping, and the house would smell bad. So after research I took up vaping, I made my own E-Liquid at first but then later down the line I found Lucy's vapor pens who makes the E-Liquids just the same way I did, so instead of shelling out on all the equipment to make my own I can now buy 100% organic and 0 nicotine E-Liquids online.
The flavours I had were mostly fruit and herb mixes as I didn't know how to correct mix the flavours of other things, so Lucy's vapor pens allows me to try more flavours than I ever used to be still be safe. 

The only issue I ever had when I used to vape with my homemade E-liquids is how boring and masculine the vape pens were... ugh. Women vape too, people who like cute things vape too. Unless I wanted to pay $100+ on a custom made vape mod I couldn't find anything pretty and cute to fit into my kawaii lifestyle. So I never vaped when out with friends as a big ugly black vape pen doesn't look great on a girl dressed all in pastel. So when Lucy's vapor pens sent me the E-leaf tank and gemstone battery I was over the moon! I instantly started taking pictures for tumblr and instagram, I've even had some frank of me done with this pen because all my cute and smoking lovelies out there adore it! I hope you do too!

I always wanted a dual coil tank but the only ones I could find are ProTank's which are also sold in store. However for me I just didn't like the look or feel or them, I wanted something edgy and cool but cute. The e-Leaf is dual coil, pink pearlised color and has little window cut outs in it for an edgy look, the flavour's are so much more intense than a single coil and the drip tip is easy for me to take up vape through, I just love it! The gemstone battery well it has pink glittering gems all over it, what more do you want?! It pretty much speaks for it's self when you see it. The battery life for me lasts 6hours of full vaping use, but you can leave it on but not vape and it can last days...totally didn't do that by accident...

This set together is classy yet cute and I just love it so much! I even used this set in my recent kitten play shoot, I sadly don't have many images from it but hey if I can use it in a professional photoshoot for a magazine then it's definitely street worthy. I totally recommend this for the ladies vapors out there, nicotine lovers and none nicotine lovers like me! You can fill the tank with whatever E-liquid you like but why not buy this and look classy and show off you're 'I'm a female vapor and proud' vibes while you're at it. For ONLY $19.99/£12.80 how can you not?! Thank you all for reading!

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