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Manchester comic con 2015 ~ Princess Jellyfish complete cosplay for sale

Hello my sweet mints! It's over! It's finally over! Comic Con hascontact me at  
been and gone it was a brilliant weekend for me, my mother, cosplayers, general anime/manga/cosplay/comic etc fans.

I have a total of over way way over 50 pictures to show you, I'm still waiting on people to contact me with names and cosplay like pages so I can include them in this blog.

The pictures will be as you can see lining the walls of my post. As soon as
I've got people contacting me with information then it will be included so please don't comment asking who a certain cosplayer is because I don't know. Sadly people did tell me their names but with so many I appear to have forgot them all. Everyone of them... Tragic, because now I can't credit everyone, however I did give a business card with all my contact and blog details on to everyone I photographed so hopefully they'll all get in contact with me in the upcoming week or two, hopefully sooner.

So I went to comic with 210GBP which is lower than what I was going to take
but I knew I'd just junk spend so... I spent over 50GBP on candy alone so... all for the best I had a lower budget. I have done a haul video because I bought many many items! I'll link it here when it's finished being edited and uploaded to youtube.

The gracie poppin' cooking candy sets I have also filmed being made, they will also be linked. I did my haul video in full cosplay so please check it out and tell me what you think now it's finally completed! I filmed the video on the day of comic con when I returned home, the night before I'd been at a pub with a dear friend and didn't return home until 4am and was awake for the convention at 7am so please excuse how half asleep I sound and look.

I would like to say that all the money take with me was not spend on just myself, a fairly large amount a total of 65.39GBP was spend on the dear friend who had me up very late the night before the convention, little does such an awful awful person making me have a social life and *shivers* make friends deserves gift Ha-Ha. Just joking they are very dear to me and in all honesty I didn't pay much attention to the cost of items, I just picked up things I liked and purchased them until there was no money left in my purse.

I was very shocked when I returned home and my mother told me how much money I had spent...on the plus side I'm not completely broke as I didn't take all the money I have.

Despite not being completely broke my costume came to a massive bill of over 230GBP to make. Consisting of 1500 AB pearls had put onto the dress, umbrella,shoes and two in the eye corners. 4metres of tulle, 4metres of shiny white fabric, 26inches of elastic, 4 cotton wheels, deconstructed ballet flats, a deconstructed prom dress, new wig, 7metres of wedding garland, 700 pearl beads, 1 metre of pipe
cleaner, over 30GBP of new makeup, a shell pearl hand decorated, new violet circle lens, hand made jewellery and hand made resign jewels.

All amounting in over 78hours work time over the course of two weeks before the convention. For one day. Cosplay is hard. Do I regret it? No. Do it again? Every year. Choose a lesser known anime/manga again? Maybe, I didn't get many people notice me or want pictures with me as they had no idea who I was, however telling them about a show they've never seen was fun. Will I spend so much on my friend next year? If we're still friends because neither of us have died from lack of sleep, then yes, their birthday is two weeks after comic con and they love adventure time so it's perfect for gifts. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely!

I only saw one of other cosplayer as kuranosuke from Princess jellyfish in the same outfit I had which is a huge plus as I'm more noticed. There were many many Harley Quinn and Joker cosplayers due to the popularity of the new movie every corner you turned there was about 4 of them, however everyone had their own little spin on the outfit so they weren't all completely the same however at times it did feel rather like you were at a dating service for psychopaths due to how many pairs there were Ha-Ha.

There were also just as many if not more attack on titan character cosplayers I presume again because it's boomed in popularity again because of the new live action movie coming out. However again each person was slightly different to everyone else so it was still enjoyable to see all of them.

I'd like to just at this point apologise to you, My sweet mints, my fans who saw me and meet me. I had no idea who you were sadly and you all knew me, I felt so awful and ignorant. I am truly very sorry to all of you who I didn't recognise or didn't get the chance to meet. Next year I will try to learn as many names as I can and try to go bed at a reasonable time the night before so I can stay later in order to meet as many of you as I possibly can!

Next year's cosplay is already being planned. I have two choices someone from Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke or someone from the Anime/Manga series, Black Butler. I know which characters I want from these two shows but I don't want to give much away yet. There will be more clues as the year goes on and I will be starting this in a few months as there is absolutely no way I will be doing crazy full days of cosplay work with only two weeks before the convention. Nope nope. No way at all!

I am selling my princess jellyfish cosplay, all the parts but not the shoes as it's unlikely they will fit the buyer and they're kind of falling apart... However I will be selling the wig, dress, underskirt, necklace,crown,umbrella etc etc this cosplay will be sold on paypal and you will contact me to buy via my email .

 I will be sad to see this costume go as it's partly made up of my prom dress from high school, however it's just something I can't keep, I'll wear a cosplay once to an event or photoshoot then move onto something else, it will just collect dust in my house and it's no life for such a wonderfully handcrafted costume of such a great anime. It is now currently for sale contact me at to buy it from me.

The size of my costume is UK size 6 up to a UK size 14 you can use a conversion chart online to find what your size would be if you don't live in england. It will be: The dress, Umbrella, Wig, Crown, extra AB pearls incase some fall off and extra pearls to put onto shoes in your size like I did (very simple, just glue them on), The umbrella, The LED umbrella lights ( you can't see them in any of my picture but click here to view them in a video at night), the shell purse also viewable in the video, the jellyfish earrings and necklace click here for a better view (both handmade) and the underskirt.

 It's a great deal it's hand made and has a huge stretch due to the to buy!

shirring on the back of the dress so can fit a range of sizes, it's basically a complete outfit with all the extra only needing you to glue on the extra pearls I provide onto your own shoes. What are you waiting for! Contact me at

I'm so sorry this blog post has taken so long but there is a damn awful lot to type, I've worked it out to fit all the pictures on without it just looking like a picture gallery I'll need to write a total of 20 paragraphs! I know somedays I can talk a lot but I don't think I have all that much to say about comic con, I suppose I can fill in a lot of space by telling you what I bought, I spent a lot of money as I've already said I guess I should tell you what on.

First off I bought many items from the Tofu cute stall. I got A gracie poppin cooking' octopus ball set, a gracie poppin cookin Sushi kit two sets of Meiji petites, Caramel corn, Gracie canned creator kit, a multipurpose hello kitty pencil case, Meiji chocolates, Hello kitty chocolate lollipops, Soda flavoured puccho, Mango flavoured ramune, Lychee flavoured ramune, and that was everything from TofuCute (but my friends things.)

 The rest stalls I can't remember the name of so I will just list the items, flying cauldron butterscotch beer, a sailor moon tee shirt, Mermaid leggings, a lolita pink moon and cloud bag, a lolita pastel rainbow and cloud bag, kitten gloves, kitten ears, 5 sailor moons character keyrings, a lucky cat bell charm for my mother, a lord of the rings Even star necklace,I think that's everythings but what I got for my friend, they might read this and it would ruin the gift surprise. Ha-Ha.

 I didn't stay at the convention very long as I've already said close to the beginning of this blog post however I did manage to meet a lot of great cosplayers, buy a whole load of stuff, mostly edible or not for me, so now it's all munched and my friends birthday gifts are wrapped I'm not left with a whole awful lot.

 A fail on my part for spending money on edibles, note to self, next year buy clothes and accessories you'll feel the benefit of all the spending a whole lot more.

I sadly didn't attend the Masquerade competition I was suppose to be part of it but due to a costume change a few weeks before comic con I was told I was no longer allowed to take part in case my outfit wasn't finished in time and I took up the place of someone else, which is fair enough. Next year I'll know better and not change my cosplay last minute, in which I have to miss out on a lot of sleep to complete the outfit and spend double the money my original cosplay cost.
I handed out many cards to people at the convention but have hardly had anyone contact me, if you're on this post do tell me so I can link your cosplay page I'm sorry I think I've said this about 2-3 times in this blog post already.

Click here for PrincessTutu's cosplay page
I really just want to make sure I fairly credit everyone for their wonderful cosplays, this blog post will always stay online so it'll be a great reminder for you of Manchester Comic Con 2015, and for most I'm sure it's your first time being featured on a blog post. I may not be the Manchester evening news but hopefully one day I'll be even more popular online than I already am and you'll be featured on the blog (and credited if you contact me) of someone blog famous, fingers crossed for me that happens one day Ha-Ha.Upon walking around A lot of people recognised me which is a really great feeling as I know my blog/YouTube is getting more popular which is always an amazing feeling so thank you all so so much for reading my blog, meeting me, having pictures with me and just being great. Thank you sweet mints!

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