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Tokyo Treat ~ Premium box ~ 2015

Good Day sweet mints! TokyoTreat have so very kindly sponsored my another box to review by them, sadly this time I am unable to do a video unboxing due to stormy weather interrupting my local wifi connections however it's holding up enough to type this post out. So on with the review!
Firstly there are three boxes available from TokyoTreat, A small box containing 5 items,regular box contain 9 items (including the four in the small box) and lastly a premium box containing 13 items (8 of which are from the boxes below, four from the small and an extra four from the regular) I received a premium box so it has the contents of the small and regular in it. I will do this review in sections of size, since I got the items from all the boxes I'll begin with small in one paragraph, regular in another and finally premium in the last. The pictures will be randomly dotted around this post so no spot is picture bare, check the paragraphs to find out what everything is.
The small box, in the small box you will get Coconut resort pocky, Chocobi chocolate flavour, Zhu-C cider, Nom Nom jelly cola and Sawabee vinegar chips.The coconut pocky contained two packets of pocky, it is similar to regular pocky on there is desiccated coconut in the chocolate giving it an extra bite when eating it. The Chocobi are chocolate flavoured rise puff stars featuring the character Chocobi from the anime Crayon Shin chan, these are very crunchy and break down very nicely in the mouth. The Zhu-C cider is fizzy and light feeling in the mouth just like the ramune soda it is flavoured after. The Calbee vingar chips surprised me by being such a light and delicate flavour, they were tangy they were just enough to tell the flavour yet not over powering, and lastly for the small box the Nom-Nom Jelly cola this tasted just like jello cola as it was mushy and mixed with cola drink so it was a drinkable jello which is super awesome!

Onto the next items, these are the items from the regular sized box. These items were : Real grape vine gummy DIY candy, Tabekko Aquarium biscuits, Uranai-kko Bubble gum and Tohato caramel corn.

First off the caramel corn, These are my favourite japanese snacks so I was super happy to get these! These snacks are caramel flavoured maise snacks in little curl shapes with peanuts in the packet mix too, however these contain star shaped caramel corns in celebration of the japanese Tanabata festival, so these are seasonal limited edition caramel corn. The 7th of July is the day of the Tanabata festival. The next items are the Tabekko aquarium biscuits, I have had these before from TokyoTreat, these are animal shaped biscuits with a special chocolate outer coating which doesn't melt in the summer heat, very tasty and very cute! The Uranai-kko bubble gum is a fortune telling gum, you take off the outer wrapper and open a side flap to reveal a small hole, you shake the box till one gum stick comes out saying your fortune, the idea is very novel and the gum is very sweet and bubbly. The last item in the regular sized box is the Grape vine DIY candy, I filmed the m making of this so I should have a video on my youtube channel soon at I'll directly link the video here when it's online, the candy is made up of rolling a little plastic tree into a magical green liquid then into power hen repeat to slowly build up gummy grape balls on the plastic tree. 


Now onto the last four items which you'll get in the premium pack plus the contents of the small and regular boxes I've already spoken of. In this box there is special edition spicy curry ramune drink, DIY animal pancakes, Adnpanman gummies and lotte pie no mi blueberry.

Firstly the Spicy ranmune smelt amazing just like a real japanese curry was in front of me, the taste was very strong and I struggled to finish it however it was great to try! Next the lotte pie no mi blueberry on the back of the pack they showed it on pudding so I ate it like this with a jam swirl and they tasted just like little blueberry cheesecake! Next the DIY animal biscuits I also have a video for which will be available soon at won't spoil it too much but they're super cute, easy to make and taste of vanilla and strawberry! Lastly the Anpanman gummies are in three flavours: Lemon,Grape and Apple each is after a cute character from the show and taste awesome! Please check out  it's worth the money for all these amazing things! Thank you for reading!

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