Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lolita desu ~ Lolita lucky pack ~ Review

Hello my sweet mints! Today I'm doing a review for LolitaDesu It's the lolita clothing / accessory lucky pack! I am so lucky to be the first video reviewer of this lucky pack! Here's the link to the video Please check it out!

So let's get on with the review! I ordered a medium size lucky pack costing me 108.82 GBP /170 USD the shipping was free and tracked to anywhere in the world. There's different sizes lucky packs mine was medium and should contain 3-7 teams depending if you want larger ones such as clothes or smaller ones such as accessories.

There are many specifications to the lucky pack to fill in such as size, brands you like, print types you like, colors you like and all you hate too, this ensures the best items for you! I had a huge list of specifications but to make it short I asked for Mint and pastel things, that I can wear in fairy kei daily and lolita at an event.

Lolita desu DO NOT! sell off items that they're unable to sell in the lucky pack, instead the money you pay is used by Fox and Turtle, the two owners of the store, to go around the internet finding the best deals for you that match your specifications, these items are then put in your lucky pack and sent off too you. The lucky pack takes 2-3weeks to get all the items picked out and bought for you then 1 week shipping to the UK I'm not sure about other countries but it is fully tracked so you can keep a good eye on when it will arrive. Mine took just a little over a month to bring together then plus a week to arrive to me. However yours will be quick one of the store owners was on holiday in denmark and both have recently move house so they were very very busy but still able to get the lucky pack to me in a timely manner.

I did sadly get slammed with a customs fee just under 25GBP/ 45USD but it's not all that much, however it was disappointed my package being held back two days before I could get my items due to that. However your country may not charge you a custom fee, depends on your border policing.

My lucky pack came in an Angelic pretty shoe box, I've scrubbed the labels off it and I'm keeping it, it's so cute! I got 2 clothing pieces and over 10 accessories which is much more than I was expecting to get! The two clothing pieces were two angelic pretty skirts. One was Fairy Frill in the mint colorway released in 2011 and the other was sugar hearts in the mint colorway release in 2013. I am extremely happy with these skirts! Sugar hearts was one of my dream prints so I am thrilled! Both skirts are of similar layered styles. They both have a side zipper and an adjustable waist band.

The other items I got are all accessories. I received a parcel lint cleaner by swimmer. Many items by chocomint such as a fuzzy lollipop necklace, a fuzzy mint two way bow and a two layered blue/pink with stars two way bow. I also got an adorable shy bear in the colorway sax/pink phone charm by Angelic pretty. I got a collection of rings, two adjustable ones (A blue bow and cupcake) and a solid plastic glittered star one. I received two tiny little bows on crocodile clips. And lastly I got candies which you can see in the video I also bought a liz lisa mint biker jacket which I adore, I talk about that in my video too.

I highly recommend this lucky pack because with 108.82GBP/170USD I most definitely would not be able to get this many branded lolita items, I would be lucky to get all this on the EGL comm sales and if I tried to buy all this via lace market I wouldn't be able to get very much at all! I am completely overjoyed with all I got as my dream print plus much more was included, while the customs fees greatly annoyed me I do believe it was very worth it! So please check out my video of this at Also if you're interested in getting a lot of cute lolita/fairy kei items very quickly and very cheaply that are all brand I high recommend

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