Sunday, 9 August 2015

Geo coloured lenses ~ Blue circle lens ~ Review

Hello my sweet mints! Today I have a review for . I have reviewed circle lens stores many times and done many review, however all my reviews have been for super cool anime and cosplay lens, this time I wanted to review a more natural pair. So I am reviewing the Geo Tri-Color blue lens.

Geo are an online circle lens store that sell Geo medical lens, these are the most sought after circle lens due to there style, safety and comfort.The store ensures that all circle lens are manufactured to the highest quality so that no harm will come to the wear of the lens. The store even has many global/ international safety and quality certificates include an FDA certificate from the USA, it is currently the ONLY store to have this approval certificate. All the stores products are genuine with each lens vial having a scratch sticker to reveal a code you can sue on the geo anti-fake website to ensure they are the real geo medical lens. The store has 100s of styles & free international shipping and lens case with every order! The store also has very quick order processing time with customer service available 24/7 for all you enquires anytime!

Most of the stores lens are available in prescription. The ones I ordered are prescription. I really like these lens the color is very blue but not so blue that it looks unrealistic. The are extremely comfortable for my 7hour day's of wearing them. I have no trouble with them at all, they don't move around and get in the way of my vision and they arrived to me very quickly. I wear them daily and have no need for loud makeup to make them look good as they can be worn with no makeup and look natural. I highly recommend this store as a first circle lens store due to them having an FDA certificate. Be sure to check out Thank you for reading!

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