Friday, 25 September 2015

Happy Monday Store ~ Kawaii Review

Good Afternoon Sweet Mints! It's here! You finally find out where to buy the amazing crop top and tee shirt you've all been commenting/asking about on my Facebook it's finally here! Well Sweet Mint's these amazing clothes are from

I ordered two things a crop top and a sweater. Both items are internet themed as of course running this blog I spent most my free time online so the internet is pretty much my life. I got the crop top has I don't own any cute ones I can wear with my cute accessories. The crop top is made from very soft-strechy spandex and features a cute sailor moonstyled collar with white decorating it. I mainly got this because the slogan on had me in fits of giggles as it's what I wish on my haters it says 'I hope your mom disconnects your wifi' ouh my goodness! It's too funny for words because it's me when I'm very angry. It's very comfortable and stylish. It sadly comes in one size but it very stretchy.  The cute little pink kittens, lollipops and frilly lace remind me of something I would see on tumblr and at $19.99 (on sale normally $22) I jumped at it because it's such a modern 2015 style.

The next item is a sweater/top I got this in a size medium because I like sleeve too long for me I don't feel comfortable in fitted ones... I have anxiety I like to hide haha. Also being over sized I hand hang it off my shoulder in an 80s style so this is very fitting to my Fairy Kei clothes and accessories. The top it's self is rather thin however I always wear something like a strapless top under sweater/tops like this anyway. The slogan on this again is internet based and also has me laughing it says 'hotter than the bottom of my laptop' everyone with a laptop you know how hot they get! So that had me laughing plus again like the crop top the really cute design and colors fit in with all my kawaii/Fairy kei clothes, with a slogan this funny and at $15.99 (on sale, normally $30) I just had to get it!

Overall HappyMondayStore have some really cute things and if like me you like quirky yet pastel color clothes definitely check out

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