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How to make Skyrim Honningbrew mead ~ Elder Scrolls food

Hello sweet mints! So my Sweet roll recipe took me from 19k views all the way too 21k in just a week so I figured since that was so popular I'd make something else from the game series of elder scrolls so today we have Honningbrew Mead! This is made with real alcohol so sorry can't have this if you're underage however you could use a non-alcohol drink I saw plenty while out however the drink I got seemed kind of special I'll explain abit later in the post.

You will need:
-Plain unflavoured beer or ale (no fruit flavourings, spices etc just plain)
-Sweet cinnamon 1/2 Teaspoon
-Brown sugar (light or dark) 2 Teaspoons
-Honey 3 Teaspoons first then 4tablespoons
Utensils needed:A pan
-A low and high flame hob
-A mixing spoon
-A handheld blender
-A jug

So the beer I used I said was special this is because it's brewed only on a full lunar moon and made with crystal malts, this reminded me or moon sugar from skyrim and gave it a fantasy feel but any plain beer or ale you like, this is a strong one similar to Guinness I recommend a 'blonde' ale if you're not a fan or strong drinks.

How to make it:
1) Add 1/2 teaspoon of sweet cinnamon, 2 teaspoons of brown sugar and 3 teaspoons of honey into the pan and mix on a low heat until the sugar is melted into the honey but DO NOT allow it too boil or make light brown foaming bubbles are the edges as this is burning and the drink will taste disgusting, it only took me 1min 22seconds to get it mixed up right
2) Remove from the heat and add 4 more table spoons of honey and stir until well mixed
3) Slowly pour in your beverage of choice into the pan, slowly to avoid a bubbling over mess!
4) Now just heat until the bottom of the pan doesn't have a small 'drag' against the spoon from the honey, it's such all dissolve in
5) Hold back the froth and pour the liquid only into a jug, the foam will contain unmixed into grains of sugar and cinnamon it's gross just wash it away down the drain

6) OPTIONAL: Put back into the pan and use the hand held blender for a few seconds to make a 'beer head' of froth, I did this just to show off how fancy in can look in a mason jar but it's not needed, the froth is thick and sticky From the honey so don't spill it
7) OPTIONAL: Wash in soap and warm water all the labels off the original ale/beer/beverage bottle. Cut a 3inch tall and as wide as the bottle around in paper. Use one teaspoon of coffee and two of water then dip a tea bag into it and 'dirt' wash the paper, find an image off google and copy the Honningbrew meadery logo or create you own, then glue the back of the paper to the bottle and pour in the drink also add a cork if you happen to have one.

ALL DONE! Now sit back and enjoy your drink warm or cold and think back about your days as Dovahkiin haha yeah good times.

Hope you liked this and please comment if you want me to make anything else from the elder scrolls video game series! Thank you for reading and use #AmaiMead so I can see your mead creations!

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