Friday, 18 September 2015

Sweet Spirits review ~ Pastel goth style ~

Good day Sweet mints! I have yet another review click here to view my last one.
So I got another massive haul even more than last time however I am not showing all of it in this review simply because I have so much SweetSpirits items now that I want to do a dual video on my youtube just show casing all the items from this store.

I wear at least one of the items from and people always ask where they are from so I think I should do a video just about all the items from here.

So in this package I got over $190 worth of things plus an extra that's not in the store but just as a little gift for me of some strawberry hair roller sponges which are super cute but I am yet to try them out. I'll separate items I am wearing into images, with my braided hair I am wearing:a pair of lilac winged teddy bear two way clips on the braid ends, A lilac cross clip next to my fridge, A lilac winged kitty on the the other side of my fringe, a purple snowflake ring and lastly a mint and purple dripping moon necklace. With my hair down and curled I am wearing: A one of a kind 'Sweet' necklace, a purple snowflake ring, a mint and gold moon cross ring, a pair of pink and blue wings in my hair and lastly a blue and pink winged two way clip in my hair.

Like I said this isn't everything I got in this package from SweetSpirits but I wanted to try a pastel goth style and these were the items that fit that style, I'll do a full video of everything include what wasn't shown here of all my SweetSpirits items, I have so much!

As also the quality is amazing! The resign is very firm and coloured, the back of any clear is item is painted so that you cannot see straight through it so I can wear my items on any wig color and whatever color behind it won't ruin how the item is seen. These items I'll all be wearing again for halloween and I'll do another video of my costume outfit of the day video.

These items were such a hit with everyone that I got over 420likes on my profile picture within the first 24hours of uploading it wearing these things! I also have many many fanart drawings of me in these newest SweetSpirits items because everyone just loved the look so much!

My favourite items this time is the one of a kind Sweet necklace, this was hand crafted, by the way it looks I believe she made this in fimo clay then put that into silicone to make a mold of which to then use to cast the resign in to make the necklaces. Theres definitely something amazing about going too all that trouble to make this that I just love also it says Sweet and my name is Amai which means sweet, so it's like a name necklace to me making it 100% awesome! Two notable items that almost made my favourite were the dripping moon necklace as I have always always wanted one! and the purple cat hair clip as it has a lightening bolt over one eye and I named it David Bowie cat...Don't even comment your opinions I think it's a great idea to name a hair clip after what it reminds you of. All in all everything as always way amazing and you'll see everything in full detail when the SweetSpirits collection video comes out in the mean time check out and subscribe to so you can be one of the first to see the video when it's online. Thank you for reading! <3

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