Friday, 30 October 2015

Front lace wig ~ Wonda Wigs review

Hello sweet mints :D today I have something really excited to share with you! A front lace wig! This is the first time I've ever blogged about one. First off this is the cheapest I've ever found a front lace wig. is where my lovely wig is from. It's 28inches and is an ombre of strawberry blonde down to light natural blonde, costing 45.99GBP 8inc this is he cheapest I have ever found a front lace wig and way way back in the day when I first started buying wigs, I searched high, low and the darkest shadiest parts of the web for a front lace and could never find one cheaper than 65GBP.

You can click here to purchase the exact wig I bought. If you're not familiar with what a front lace wig is well... it's just that the front hairline section is hair threaded onto lace, theres always extra you cut off just to get a perfect fit. The reason for this is that you glue the lace edge down with spirit gum then if needed blend a little foundation over any visible lace. This makes it look like the wig is your real hair. If you're a big fan of Lord of the Rings or Game of thrones you'll see this wigs all the time and never know, The act of Legolas from Lord of the rings wears a front lace wig and so does Daenerys Targaryen's actor. Singers such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga wear them too for perfect hairstyles at shows. See how realistic these look?!

I ordered mine at it arrived next day! I expect this is because both me and the company are in England, if you live overseas expect it to take a little longer. The wig arrives in perfect condition, held in a nice wig net, inside a plastic bag inside of a wig protection bag, super wig security! It's excellent you get these free as it means you can keep the wig safe and free from dust even if you don't own a wig stand. The wig dust protection bag has a removable coat hanger part so that if you have no drawer space you can just keep the wig safe and out the way when not in use in you wardrobe, super handy! The wig always came with two wig caps! Two as my real hair is dark so the light blonde wig caps had to be layered to hide out my real hair tone under the lace. I also got freebies with the wig! I got a teeter concealer, the wig caps and protection bag already mentioned as well as bedazzled pink rhinestone eyelashes! The only thing this wig doesn't come with that I highly recommend is a high quality spirit gum, I recommend Snarazoo spirit gum which is purchasable online such as amazon and eBay. I recommend this mainly to stick down the lace for that real hair look but also a halloween store brand spirit gum won't work, this wig is heavy due to being 28inches, it doesn't feel heavy on the head but it still requires a strong spirit gum, if you get a shorter wig you probably won't need such strong gum, but i still recommend Snazaroo spirit gum.

The wig is super soft! and although my pictures don't show it well there is a blend of tones to make the hair look very natural even though it's synthetic, the sites images also don't really show these slight tone changes so it was a big surprise when it arrived in the mail just how realistic it looked! The site and my images certainly don't do this wig the justice it deserves! The store has three wig cap sizes, small, medium and large, as apart from the hair line the rest is wig capped like any other wig type. You can put it on just like a normal wig, with the adjustable inside straps. Once on normally use the clips inside to pin it to your hair and use spirit gum around your hair line then stick the lace down, once dry cut off the excess lace and use foundation if needed to blend the edges, and TA-DA natural, realistic brand new hair!

I rate  and it's fantastically cheap yet amazingly high quality wigs 10/10! I've owned other front laces that cost more from big well known brands but the colors have all been one toned and looked very unrealistic, have amazingly cheap wigs that a are toned like real hair, feel like real hair yet aren't hence why they're so well priced! The wigs are washable and they return once dry to how they were before washing. It's amazing and I definitely recommend them if you have thinning hair, bored of a style but don't want to take the changing leap, want to try out a new style, have a cosplay event or just want a great quality and reasonable priced lace front wig totally check out

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