Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Daenerys Targaryen Casual cosplay ~ review ~ Game of thrones

Good evening sweet mints! I have another review. Today is a casual Daenarys Targaryen look. However the wig is great for a full cosplay too as seen with my 'blood horse heart' makeup, also the heart is fake, made by be and 100% vegetarian. The item I got were: a map of Westeros dress costing £12.99, a khaleesi wig costing £22.99 and lastly a symbol of the Targaryen household necklace for £8.99 click on the names of the items for direct links to each.

 Firstly I'll talk about the necklace as it's the smallest item. The necklace is on a bronze plated chain then the picture is set on a bronze back. There's a big resin dome over the picture so looking at it makes it seem three dimensional. The chain is very tough so not likely to snap however excessive force will so don't think it's as indestructible as Daenarys herself.

Next the dress. The map is amazing I spent ages just locating all the places I wanted to visit in Westeros on it. It's extremely stretchy during my mapping out time I stretched the dress and made places I thought should be bigger look bigger, as this is a mostly spandex material dress all my stretching doesn't effect the dress as it just snaps right back into the way it was before. I have washed my sees already and there is no color running/leaking/blurring in the design at all! Works for a hot and cool wash. I've had dresses of the same pattern design before from other companies, it features a 'racer' style back and can be reversible to be worn both ways. So don't worry if you have a full day of freeing slaves to do and out on your dress backwards because it can be worn that way and the usual way!

 The last item is the is the wig. It came with a free wig cap too and a bag to store it in. The wig has a very large top 'skin' section in the part so it will look very realistic. The skin top is pale so if you are of a darker skin tone and it looks unnatural on you, take your usual concealer and a fine tip brush such a lip color brush and then just apply it down the showing 'skin' top line and dab your finger on it a few times to lightly blend it out. The 'skin' top look very realistic and the fibres the wig is made from means that the wig can be washed by hand in a sink and just left to dry, once dry the wig will remember the style it was originally in. It comes with two braids already put into the style however unlike most wigs they aren't glued into place to can be removed and styled how ever you like. The wig is great for cosplay and casual as it looks great both ways.

I absolutely adore everything I got from as I always do I own so many things from here now! And it's so cheap too! I highly recommend the store and I've had at least one product from all the categories of items from wigs to jewelry, from leggings to Lolita skirts. I've tried out at least one from every category of things sold and never had an issue with anything.

Check out the store if you love this outfit! Thank you for reading!
Click the item names here for links to the direct items: Dress. Wig.

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