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Star Wars Makeup ~ Far away collection ~ Lipstick ~ Freedom Makeup London

Hello sweet mints! Today is one of those rare occasions when I haven't been contacted by a company to do a review this is an item, well five items, that I have purchased myself and picked out myself. So today we have STARWARS THEMED/INSPIRED LIPSTICKS! I know I'm about to divide my followers here but I'n the original three person and not to keen on the ones after that, however I do not hate them with a passion... that feeling is reserved for JarJar. I am very interested in the new movie as it's original Solo, Harrison Ford! Still looking great for his age too. So now that's out the way onto the review. If you like my pictures follow my instagram at AmaiMint

The makeup is a set of five lipsticks at the cost of £5 GBP. The lipsticks are sold in a set and separate but in my opinion I think most buying these would want the complete set anyway. So £5 for a set of five lipstick that works out at £1 each! This was my first time used this brand called Freedom. Considering how cheap the pricing was I... well honestly I wasn't expecting much and being star wars themed I thought, oh it's just a cheap novelty as a stocking filler with a bad color pay off if any at all. I was so wrong, honestly I'm a makeup brand whore, if it's a choice of a black lipstick thats from a drugstore for £1 or from UrbanDecay or mac for £15 I'll pick brand because I know the quality. However I feel I will actually buy Freedom if I see a color I love, at least in lipsticks. I will have to buy other items and review them, but judging by the lipstick I imagine all the items are great quality and low price.

So let's talk about the actual lipsticks and the great color pay off I just mentioned. First off names and basic color explanations. There is Far away which is a very finely glittered purple blue lipstick that looks bit daring but swatched it's a rich glittery berry tone. Next is Sky-Walker which is a very metallic silver thats almost exactly the same when swatched and makes a great party color. Space luxe is a C3P0 metallic gold color again another party color however if you layer or mix up with a red it's a super festive christmas color, seriously blend it, amazing! Storm-Trooper is well StormTrooper uniform/armour  white and depending on layers it can be a nice bold white or a pure linen white, again do some blending with other shades for a more daily look. Lastly is The sith, it's a black lipstick with loads and loads of all different coloured fine glitters it's like an entire night sky and galaxy in a lipstick! So that's all the colors and explanation. Now if you think these colors are crazy and 'oh goodness when would I wear these!' well like I said blend them up! Use the force... to create beautiful blends! but where them as they are too may the bold statement lipstick be with you. Looking at the image left for flash and no flash swatches, look at that color pay off! for £1 each / £5 for the set! 10/10

The lipstick tubes upside down, this is the bit
you can pull off for extra lipstick

Also for my lovelies out there who like to sue a lip brush to apply lipstick on the bottom of the lipstick tube where the name is shown and the color, that's not decoration. It's usable! Pull the color section at the bottom of the tube and bam! Extra lipstick perfect for use with a lip brush. Check out the pictures, it's like an extra freebie pot of lipstick! I personally have this on other lipsticks and I use it when I'm color blending, like I mentioned earlier, so I don't dirty up my lipstick stick section. I recommend this too, keeps things all nice and clean looking.

So ok, they're well priced, look great, the color pay off looks great but how do they feel on the skin? They are like a lip balm, soft and moist, yet not sloppy, it's such a surprise. I think after watching and seeing how god they looked at this price there had to be a down fall and I though it would be they felt gross and sticky. They really really don't at all. In fact in my honest opinion as a self confessed makeup brand whore. I feel UrbanDecay lipsticks are sticky compared to how smooth, nice and stay put-ability these lipsticks have. Not to bash I love UrbanDecay but they can be sticky sometimes. So these lipsticks are a win on that.

The lipstick in the bottom
So whats the downfall on these? Do they smell bad? Nope they have that classic plain vanilla smell most well made lipsticks have, similar to Mac I would say but different people smell different things. However the smell is definitely not cheap or gross at all. So downfalls? Really I can't see any, I love to pick holes in things as a blogger it's kind of a thrill ripping things apart picking out flaws only these don't have any. It could be argued the colors are a tad too crazy to wear often. Such as white, okay most people aren't going to go out with snow white lips, so use the bottom section with a lipstick you love to tone it down a little. The blending possibilities are only limited by your imagination...and I guess other others you own haha.

So all in all I adore this brand even though it's my first time using it I WILL MOST DEFINITELY BUY AGAIN! Now this company is called Freedom and is Uk based and is sold in the UK however check out the website and you can mail it anywhere :) If you're a die hard StarWars fan or just a makeup lover who thinks these colors are super edgy and cheap then buy them here Click here for direct link to lipsticks. These lipsticks have made me want to check out drugstore makeup more :) rating 10/10

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