Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pusheen box review ~

Hello sweet mints! How are you liking the new layout and design of my blog? Also don't forget theres a giveaway going on right now on my Instagram @AmaiMint. So onto todays post. Today I have a PUSHEEN review! I love Pusheen, I'm sure if you're reading this post you probably know who this character is, if not Pusheen is the adorable chubby grey tabby cat that's in the stickers section on Facebook. Speaking of which to find the Facebook for this review check out

So what is today's review exactly? It is a Pusheen officially licensed quarterly subscription box of all exclusive items delivered to you. Quarterly means this box is every season; Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn/Fall. You'll get charged 4 times in a year for the four boxes meaning you have great flexibility on when you want to order and when you want to stop the subscription box, you could even sign up then cancel after your first order if you just wanted the one box to try out for yourself. For peace of mind to cancel you login, go to 'my account' and click 'Cancel subscription' super easy and simple, you're in no way tied down like other boxes that make you pay for an entire year at once. The dates you are charged are when you first sign up then after that the rest of the year on these dates; November 15th 2017, March 15th 2016, June 15th 2016 and September 15th 2016.

So you might be wondering why I mentioned 'licensed' well you see there is a hole load of stuff online that's replica or fake, these are items not licensed. So every seen a Hello Kitty toy saying 'Sanrio' and the year on it? That's real and licensed, one without this is replica/fake and not an official product of the company. All the items in the Pusheen box as well as the actual subscription service are licensed. Meaning they're all of very high quality and great value.

Okai so I've over filled you with information now let's get on with what was actually in this box! Well not just yet... sorry, but the box was so cute! So when I got mailed this it was mailed inside a larger box so the inner box which the goodies are in didn't get damaged. I'm so glad took this extra step, because the box is adorable, the bottom has pushiness feet, the front her face, the back her tail and the top her stripes, it's quite literally a PusheenBox, full of Pusheen things! What could be better. Now finally the Items actually inside.

The items inside include two clothing items, one rare item only available in this box and other goodies. You can see the images of all these items filling up the sides of this blog post. The items are: A pusheen Beanie, A pusheen tee specially made for the subscription box, A keychain of pusheen in a box, a set of three cards with no writing for own messages, a 4GB pusheen teacup usb storage drive, three pusheen erasers, a reusable pocket warmer with pusheen cover a hot beverage travel mug and lastly the first rare edition and very fist ever vinyl pusheen toy in her iconic pose.

So that is everything for this box! :D Remember this is a seasonal box, the one I have is winter it just arrived late January due to postal issues in England due to storm weather. This box is now completely sold out however you can buy the spring box from January onwards, this box is super cute and all licensed so very very worth the money check out if you want one and follow me on social media find me everywhere at AmaiMint. Have a good day sweet mints.

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