Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Lush wigs review ~ Lilac fades ~ blonde with lilac tips

Good afternoon sweet mints! Hey look I'm still alive, if you stay up to date with my instagram @AmaiMint you'll know I've been offline alot due to A level exams, but still alive! Today I have a review for www.lushwigs.com I have admired this company for a long time and owned a wig by them called Bunny brown and have owned this for a long I wanted to review of it but never got around to it and now it's retired. So I have purchased a new wig called Lilac Fades. This isn't a sponsored wig I purchased both this and my older Bunny Brown wig with my own money. I have adored LushWigs since back in the day when it was originally called Geisha Wigs so this review is long awaited by me. I've wanted to do a review for a long time of this company and finally,finally! we're doing it. Just to be clear Geisha wigs is lush wigs, they shut down and reopened under new management I think, but don't quote me on it, with the new name of LushWigs. So don't get confused on that, same company, more-or-less.

So the wig I purchased is called Lilac fades and cost £24.99 click here for direct link to this wig. I have purchased it to wear with my Angelic Pretty dresses in a toned down lolita, typically my lolita wigs have been huge, fluffy and in your face. Now I'm 19 my lolita style is changing to still sweet but a more toned down. I purchased lilac fades because the tips are a lovely lilac color which is like what I would use to have as a full wig color but now more toned down I want that super sugary sweet pop but not too much. The blonde on this wig is a dark blonde which is perfect for me because my rose undertone pale skin looks awful with true blonde and strawberry blonde. Blonde also is considered to be 'classic cute' not to say other colors aren't but in classic old school fairytales the main character little princess is often blonde, blonde is a color associated with cute, traditional. So this lilac and blonde mix was a win,win mix up of what I wanted. Cute, a color pop but toned down.This wig is lightly curled, I have already washed this wig, I brushed it and let it dry naturally so I'm sure it has memory technology in it, or it could just be an easy to style wig. On lush wigs it doesn't mention this but I can assure you that with my wash testing the wig did return to it's natural curl simply by washing then brushing while wet and letting it dry on a wig head. The wig is 65cm and with the curls it comes to about the under bust on most people I would say. The wig does have high temperature fibre technology meaning you can restyle this wig with heated styling tools however I always recommend if you have a curler, straightener etc with settings always chose the lowest one it's safest for the wig even with the high temperature fibres.The wig isn't multi layer, meaning it's not all made up of the top section blonde and the under layer lilac, this wig is all blonde with dipdye lilac tips which I adore. I find the cheaper 'dipdye' wigs you find on ebay have that two layer style going on and it just doesn't look at good. Sometimes companies make them this way on purpose and I like this is that's the style but when advertised as 'dipdye' just no, no ebay wigs. No. However I LOVE LOVE this wig I love how the fibres start of blonde and then ombre into lilac ending with a strong lilac color on the tips it's fantastic color work. The wig it's self is made up of multitones meaning different shades of the colors so a few shades or lighting blended into the wig to look natural. Up real close you can see strands of light purple, slighter darker purple, light blonde, white blonde and the base color etc this color mixing looks very natural because if like me you've dyed your hair alot you'll know you get some strands they are always a few shades light or darker than the rest of the hair.

This wig is adjustable inside via two elastic straps that can be pulled tighter, you can even just leave them loose this gives a great range of sizes from child up to grown adult. The wig comes will a full length side fringe, I left it in it's natural states for this review but I will be cutting the fringe into a style that flatters my face more just because I always cut and restyle my wigs. However this is perfect just the way it is so don't worry if you don't know what you're doing when it comes to wig cutting. Although if you desperately want this wig but lets say you like full fringes you can go to any salon wearing the wig and they will cut one for you, some places are free but most charge just a tiny amount.

In conclusion: I recommend this wig to anyone who like me wants to do toned down sweet lolita or anyone who just likes cute things. I think this wig would also be great for people planning to dye there hair and want to test out how blonde/lilac would look on them. I think the ease of washing and having it return to it's original style is perfect wig wearing beginners or those who are experiencing restyling wigs for the first time.  So please do go check out LushWigs for realistic tone blend wigs for all types of wig wearers, they even stock front lace wigs for the perfect realistic hair look. They also do giveaways very often so I highly recommend you follow them on Instagram too @Lush_Wigs Thanks for reading!

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