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Lush wigs review ~ Honey lolita long curls ~

Good afternoon sweet mints! Yes I'm still drowning in college work, revision and A level exams, not over yet. But I still manage to find time for you sweet mints because you're such lovely loyal readers. I would also like to note Along with my instagram @AmaiMint I have a new one just for cosplay related thing it's @AmaiCosplay. Following on from cosplay things, a huge part of that is wigs! You know I love my wigs, Today I have another review for I did a previous review for them on a another wig click her to read that review on the lilac fades wig. Today I am reviewing honey. So the wig I purchased is called Honey and cost £29.99 click here for direct link to this wig. 

I have done a review on the actual lushwigs site for this wig and I hardly ever do on site reviews.. because I'm lazy. This wig I gave 5 stars and it earns everyone of those stars. Where do I begin. Firstly the color, this wig is like tea with lots of milk perhaps a splash of cream in it, there are also slightly dark and lighter tones of the same color mixed through out this wig which makes in incredibly natural, It's very good for classic, sweet and almost all types of lolita and even any cute fashion really. It's a great dark blonde color so it's good for people who have very pale or quite tan skin where unfortunately like me a true yellow or white tone blonde doesn't really suit the skin. This is the perfect blonde for you. In certain lights mostly a strong sunlight this wig looks the exact color of Rapunzel's hair in the movie 'Tangled' so I think it would be fantastic braided and with flowers in for a rapunzel cosplay. If you're worried about super shiny wigs don't worry this wig look fantastic in all light, it can be alittle shiny under a flash but isn't all hair, even real? If you feel you'll be under flashing light alot like a concert or a photoshoot I recommend just a quick spray of dry shampoo :) however I don't really feel that's needed for this wig.

This wig is came with semi tight ringlet curls, almost the look of a victoria maidens hair in my opinion. This wig looks great just as it comes though I finger brushed the curls a little to make them a little separated. I have already washed this wig, I brushed it and let it dry naturally so I'm sure it has memory technology in it, or it could just be an easy to style wig, if after washing the curls don't seem to be returning just use a water sprayer to dampen the wig and split the curls into sections, brush them and spring them in your finger to regain the curl and then leave to dry. Sometimes wigs need a little help to remember there shape depending on how vigorously you wash them.

This wig is very very dense. Oh my goodness it was so dense I had to pin the fringe into layers of 5 and cut each separately in order to get a clean cut, I also heated the fringe to make it straight, and there was no melting of the fibres because this wig is made of high quality heat resistant fibres. I've never cut a lush wig before as I love them as they come, but I thought for this review I should cut it because there maybe someone reading who wants too. So it is a dense wig so you have to split it up to cut it but once you do it's amazing, the thickness means no matter how much you cut you won't see the wig cap below which is just fantastic. Also the wig being very thick means that as I said earlier about cosplay braids you can also do most styles as there is enough hair on this wig to make most styles look great and they'll hold in place, without the wig cap below showing. I'm so glad I cut this wig or I would never have known how thick and well made the fibres were.

 This wig is adjustable inside via two elastic straps that can be pulled tighter, you can even just leave them loose this gives a great range of sizes from child up to grown adult. The wig comes will a full length fringe which can be parted off to the sides or you can cut it yourself, I loved uncut fringes like this as it gives you chance to personalise a wig. If you're not great with the old snip snip's then almost all hairdressers will cut a fringe in a wig for you, usually for free but some charge a small fee.

 In conclusion: I recommend this wig to anyone who like me wants to be a modern day rapunzel or just loves long curly hair. Lush wigs are cheap and affordable. The shipping time is very fast a few days for the uk and europe, about a week for most international countries. I highly recommend you follow lush wigs on instagram as they do wig giveaways which is great for someone hoping to try one of their amazing wigs out for free!  So please do go check out LushWigs for realistic tone blend wigs for all types of wig wearers, they even stock front lace wigs for the perfect realistic hair look. They also do giveaways very often so I highly recommend you follow them on Instagram too @Lush_Wigs Thanks for reading!

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