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TaoBao ring review ~ Neko atsume dress ~ dinosaur kigurumi

Hello everyone! Today I have a review for a company called Taobao ring. This is a unique review because TaobaoRing doesn't actually sell anything... bare with me it'll make sense I promise. There is a website in china called TaoBao which is similar to amazon or Ebay only it's exclusive to china, fun fact when searching the web I found TaoBao can be translated as 'searching for treasure' and there are some real treasure gems on taobao, anyway being exclusive to china only people in china can purchase from the site. Meaning poor little british people like me or...well anyone else anywhere not in china cannot purchase from this site. This is where TaoBaoRing comes in. TaoBaoRing is an agent which orders things from the chinese site, gets it mailed to them and then mailed on to you in which ever country you maybe. I have a whole blog post in the works on how to actually use the site which will be link here > http://amaimint.blogspot.com/2016/06/how-to-order-from-taobao-how-to-use.html < when complete. It's actually kind of hard to explain things to people via blog post, first time I've done it so bare with me, it'll be complete soon. Anyway back to the topic at hand today is a TaoBaoRing review, as in I am reviewing there service. I will review the items a little bit however as the company doesn't sell the items they're be individuals sellers on the actual TaoBao Chinese site it's unfair for me to judge TaoBaoRing the agent on items they don't actually produce. You can see the items down the sides of this blog post.

So firstly the company. Customer service is fantastic, someone of your native language will reply within 24-48 hours I have a Chinese friend contact them and she got a reply in chinese and I messaged them in English,obviously I'm british, and got a british reply. Both of us had very clear language replies as in the language was correct and clearly by someone fluent in the language not just someone in china with broken English. Language to me is extremely important when orderly overseas to non-english speaking countries because if anything were to happen and I had to explain the issue it would be and I know from other TaoBao agents I've used in the past it can be almost impossible to express an issue and reach a resolve if the customer service time have a broken not fluent language.

The process of ordering via TaoBao ring is so easy and quick you get information about order updates constantly with ever single change to the order via email and a notification on the actual TaoBaoRing page. So its not just a case of order then blindly wait for the order which alot of other agents do, which drives me insane I hate not knowing anything because how am I suppose to know where my order is or if it got lost and just you know, I need to know!

TaoBaoRing also offers a 40% discount! no coupon code needed on EMS shipping, which is the most used,most popular and most reliable tracked shipping from (I think most) asian countries. Think the british Parcel force or american UPS only for the non-western side of the world. Another great thing about this company is after placing your order they respond/process to it within 12hours. Also once all the items arrive at TaoBaoRing the items are bundled together so say you order 10 items they'll be put in one strong sturdy box to be mailed. This keeps all items safe, makes them arrive all at the same time and cuts down the shipping cost! Service fee is only 8% of your items total cost which is much lower than the 15-20% fee other agents do, so TaoBaoRing is very cheap.

So now the actual items, now just remember TaoBaoRing does not supply or make the items they are an agent buying items for you from China. Many many companies do these such as SpreePicky they have super cute clothes and charge 30/40USD such as the Neko atsume dress I received. It cost me 10USD and I've found alot of the big kawaii clothes selling companies selling this for 29.99/35USD. Like damn, use TaoBaoRing it's cheaper even with the service fee and shipping via EMS the total is about $20 which is still cheaper than the big kawaii companies.

The neko atsume dress is super cute, the blouse features lots of ruffles with little paw prints on the collar, it's beautiful on it's own but extra cute with the dress which has a little kitty tail on the back and comes with cat ears, two hair bows, one dress bow and a wrist cuff (not pictured, I forgot to wear it, sorry!)  overall I love the dress and it looks really nice with another item I got a cute little silver plated adjustable ring with a four layered lace flower with a faux pearl in the middle, simple, cute and elegant. The ring was actually a free gift with the hair piece I got.

The head piece I purchase for lolita the roses are cream the rest of different tones of Ivory, it was handmade and is great quality, and hey it came in one piece. My friend recommend this item to me but she ordered via a different agent and she said they mailed out via plastic bag and the antlers broke off! Luckily TaoBaoRing packaged everything even clothing in bubble wrap 3-10 layers depending on the item and then puts all items in a very thick cardboard box for minimum damage.

Lastly the final item; dinosaur kigurumi. Kigu's were a very popular fashion trend for just daily wear in early 2000s in japan and they're making a small comeback, I love them so I had to get one and this one cost 12USD super cheap score! It's got a cute dino hood with teeth, spikes down the back, a big plush tail,tightened cuffs to contain heat is made of very soft 1inch pile fabric and features a concealed zipper in the butt area for easy toilet access without taking the entire thing off. So that's everything for this review. I love TaoBaoRing I've ordered from them before I got a limited edition lucky pack that they managed to order just before they ran out because the service is so fast and ah! it's great. I have access to all the amazing cute thing kawaii stores sell but straight from china for super cheap all thanks to TaoBaoRing allowing anyone the ability to order from the chinese exclusive site TaoBao.

Use this service at TaoBaoRing.com

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