Friday, 17 June 2016 Front lace wig review ~ Chocolate gradual bob ~ Ash blonde curled

Hello Sweet mints welcome back, sorry for my recent lack of activity I'm still doing my A-Level exams. I now only have three left, two law and one citizenship so I'm able make time to post. I'm also trying hard to make weekly videos on my youtube. Also for more updates follow my instagram @AmaiMint So today is a return of a favourite company of mine, WondaWigs. I did a review for this company on the past click here to view that review. It was on a 24inch strawberry blonde lace front wig.

So today is a review for two front lace wigs from WondaWigs. These are the graduated chocolate bob front lace wig and the light ash blonde hand tied heat resistant wig. However before I get into the items I want to just talk about the company, I feel it's important to know about a company before purchasing from them not just knowing about there products. I love working with companies a few times because it's nice to see if there good service and quality is consistent. I also just like working with people I already know makes the whole reviewing process easier as I know the in's and out's of a company already. 

So first off; shipping. I ordered these items on a friday and the very next day Saturday they arrived. Next day, yes I am not joking the very next day. Now I do live in the UK the country where WondaWigs is based however I have friends who have ordered from here and they've told me that to Canada and America the wigs arrived within 7days one friend told me it came in 5days. So the order to delivery turn over time is exceedingly quicker than other companies. Such as GLW/Rockstarwigs which has a order to delivery time of 1-4months... yeah 4months for a wig, no thanks I'll shop at WondaWigs thank you very much. 

Next customer service. Bullet speed, friendly and answers any questions anything from 'will this wig be restocked?' all the way too 'How can I restyle this?' All your wig needs will be handled by customer care very quickly. No waiting around so be sure to keep and eye on your emails because they respond very quickly (within business hours, if you email at 4am yeah... probably not going to get a reply till 10am)

How to wear a lacefront? You get instructions in the package with the wig on washing, caring and all that good stuff and I touched on this in my other review however words are abit difficult for some people sometimes. So after my exams I will be uploading a video to my youtube, on how to cut your lacefront wig, adjust/cut more to match your hair line, how to use glue, tape and glueless lacefront wigs what the different types of cap construction are etc etc. It's going to be a very detailed video and part of it is already filmed, however this is alot of information so requires much filming and editing so be patient. In the mean time if you just need to know how to wear your wig right now, contact the WondaWigs customer service, they're always full prepared to help you out with all your wig needs.  Also if you look below you'll see an image of two pairs of eyelashes and two eyeshadow, you get two little freebies from wonda wigs per wig order as well as a dust carry case complete with a hanger so you can safely store it in your wardrobe when not wearing and two leaflets on care instructions.

This is a company that make for small theatres and productions, they also make custom wigs so the quality of all wigs from here of incredibly high but at a very low cost for lace wigs. Custom wigs are made on an a simply yet informative 7 point question system which you email to the company via The 7 points are 1)Human or synthetic hair 2) Cap size 3) Lace front/all lace/cap construction type 4) Wig hair thickness/density 5) Colour 6) Length and lastly 7)Style. You can mail photos you find online of how you would want the wig and the WondaWigs team will reply to you with a price within 48hours. All information for custom WondaWigs can be found by clicking here.

So that's everything I feel is most important about the actual company it's self obvious theres other things I could talk about like it's website and how easy it is to navigate but I feel this is strikingly obvious when you go to WondaWigs and I don't want to just state the obvious. So onto the wigs!

As I have said I got two front lace wigs. The graduated chocolate bob click here for direct link to this wig. This wig costs 47.99GBP and is 10/12inches and is shorter in the back and gets longer in the front. This wig is one of the custom designs of WondaWigs  and I must say I honestly think it's one of there best. I feel this because all the wigs fit fantastic because of the cap construction and the adjustable straps, they also wear well for long periods of times as all the wigs have very breathable caps. However this wig is a custom and it's unique. Graduated bobs are hard to get right on real hair let alone a wig, and I rarely even see a graduated bob wig. I think this is because it cannot be constructed in that way, it must be made as a class very long wig then cut into style by a professional. Most companies don't have professional stylists on hand to cut the wigs so these wigs are very hard to find but WondaWigs has stylists and they did an amazing job. This wig is now my daily wig because it's so natural and well shaped. The wig fibres shine naturally and healthy like a Pantene shampoo advert and not like a gross shine like cheaper wigs have, the movement of the fibres is light and effortless like real hair, the wig is light weight. The colors are slight mixes of light and dark to give it multi-tones in different lighting just like real hair does. It's truly just fine craftsmanship, and because of the way the lace in the front of the wig was installed you can part this wig any way you want which is perfect for me because I change my parting with my mood so it's mainly middle but I do like the option to move it to the sides for a long fringe. As you can tell I adore this wig, I cannot put into words how great this looks so just analysis and admire the pictures of me in this wig that dot the sides of this blog post.

So the other wig. The other wig I haven't worn much because I intent to use it for cosplay also it's a little too blonde for my skin tone but the costume I want to use this wig for requires me to use abit of fake tan anyway. So in the picture's you'll be looking at it like 'that's doesn't suit you' it's because my eyebrows are black and the wig is blonde, however I got this wig for cosplay and I shall be restyling it, which I will be doing a video on my YouTube and right here on my blog on how to restyle wigs for cosplay for beginners or people who don't want to use/don't have heat styling tools. So as I intent to restyle this wig I haven't worn it much in it's natural state and I haven't properly cut it to size, just trimmed off the excess lace so it looks a little to big in the pictures but that's just me being lazy on that, as both wigs I have came the same only I trimmed the brown one perfectly to me and the blonde one I haven't really touched. However I feel this is good for this review as it shows the difference of a good trim and cutting it correctly to be a tailored fit for you. I will update this review in the future with the restyled version and add a section on how easy or difficult WondaWigs are too restyle but for the time being, it is what is it is. What is it? It's a great high quality soft realistic multi-tone wig that's lightly curled with memory technology to remember it's original shape after washing it.  Just fantastic it's very similar to the last WondaWig I did a review on just a different color so click here to read the review on that one because I don't want to repeat myself again but the quality and everything about this wig is equal the my other one I have.

So that is everything for this review be sure to check out and follow them on social media/instagram at @WondaWigsOfficial

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