Tuesday, 29 November 2016

CollarCollar.com review - tail , choker and box

Hello everyone today is a choker review from a store that began on etsy.com called CollarCollar which is now so popular it's now got its own site CollarCollar.com. This store sells the most adorable vegan chokers (as well as versions for pets, still in the works so not many yet but will be in the future.) The store also sells cosplay wigs, cute storage boxes, and cosplay tails.

I got three things; a cosplay cat tail, a cute storage box with my nickname on and one of the stores best sellers the unicorn choker. First I'll talk about the packaging. I got all these items in a lovely box which isn't the typical store packaging this was an extra purchase. So I'll first talk about the insides of it, as that's consistent with the packaging for this store, I know this from reading reviews on Etsy (reminder no longer on Etsy the store is collarcollar.com) so I know this isn't a new thing or something she did just for me. The inside of the box/packaging had multiple colors of tissue paper to protect the items and the end bottom of the packaging was a little baggy of sweets! I know from reviews some people get sweets and a lucky penny (a British one pence) now I believe from research this is for non-British customers who might never have seen a British penny. The sweets are mixed between vegan and nonvegan I am vegetarian myself so the ones with gelatine in I gave my mother. I am also classing this as part the packaging, if you order a choker or pet collar you get a little free Baggie of lots of extra charms which isn't told to you so it's a surprise which I'm going to add in the packaging section of this review as it's an extra.

Next is the star of the show in this review, the store's best-selling unicorn choker. The unicorn choker is a best seller but not for long, it's limited edition. It's limited edition because collarcollar.com had an artist in Sweden make the unicorn horns and there's only a limited supply. So if you like it then grab it now. The choker is made from vegan leather and is handcrafted to contain multicolored gemstones on it and clear gem studs. The choker closes via a buckle and loop closure. Which makes it adjustable to most sizes and if you like a certain adjustment you can cut off the remaining end if you like but I like to keep it on just in case I ever change weight and need to adjust the size. The choker is very lightweight on the neck and not very noticeable when worn. The unicorn horn is made from Fimo clay so is also very light weight and sturdy, I expected it's pointed shape to be a discomfort on my neck but it dangles no more noticeable than a regular dangling necklace. Also, it's changeable to any of the extra charms you get in the back. I swapped it out for a large heart shaped locket for a few images to match a different style of clothing I was wearing you could even take the charm off altogether and just had it as the choker band, the choice is yours and with so many extra charms in given there's a lot of variety to mix and match with different outfits.

The tail is a 12-inch pink faux fur tail. The tail has a choice of fixings if you just message the store then the lovely owner can help you best pick out the fitting that's right for you, for me I had two large safety pins. The safety pins of whatever fixing you get are covered by a medium sized now with long trails to it. The bow is secured in a bow by stitching and is secured to the tail via stitching. The color of the bow matches the tails so if you get the white or red one they will have bows of the same color as standard however you can request to have a tail without a bow or in another color the store owner is very accommodating to different people's styles so don't worry about asking her anything. The tail is made of faux fur with tends to sometimes look a bit off, however, this fur was very nice, the pile (fur length) was nice and long, it shines with a natural healthy 'life like' shine and it felt very soft. I do believe the fur is acrylic so this may sound strange but some people do it, don't use your heated hair styling tools on it, you will melt the fibers into a plastic mess. The tail is neither too long or too short it's great for cosplay as at events if it's too short people often say 'Ouh I didn't even notice your tail' you feel a bit insulted or its so big everyone notices it and pulls on it, usually damaging it. This tail is the perfect convention length to be noticed but not over noticed. On the topic of the size, you can choose how you'd like the tail padded, you can request no padded, medium or firm. I currently don't have any peach/pink ears to match but hopefully, in the future I will for the pictures I just put on some pink and blue flower cat ears to tie the outfit together. CollarCollar.com don't currently sell cosplay ears and I don't know if they will in the future but if the store decides to I'll be sure to update this blog with information about them.

Lastly the box, the box is a store extra and it's very sturdy and a lot bigger than expected. The box is what I would call traditional lunch box style in terms of its shape of its flick up to open closing. However, this box isn't plastic it's a storage type of cardboard not sure exactly but I'm a clumsy person and dropped it a few times and no damage ... Yet but as soon as my dog sees it, then it'll probably be chewed apart... The box has gems I believe super glued on, a very strong glue of some kind and there's a range of colors on mine. There are different box styles so you'll have to check out the website for them all. If you want you can also get your name put in the box for that personal touch. 

That's all for this blog post right now in a few days I'll have better images taken on my HD camera and will likely add more to this blog post but for now, this is it. The tail cost: £13.95, the choker: £19.95 and the box £9.95. Shipping took 3 days for me as I live in the UK where the company is though from reviews on this store than other countries such as the USA got their items in 10days. Thank you, everyone, for reading this review check out the store at collarcollar.com 

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