Thursday, 29 December 2016

HeaHair - pink front lace wig - Review

For the longest time I've wanted a pale washed out natural looking pink wig and I've now got one! The wig is from HeaHair who sell on amazon click here for a link to the exact wig I have in this review.

The wig I got is called 'pastel pink' it is 24 inches long in a naturally straight style meaning it's not flat and straight it's got a natural straight flow with some volume. It also is a front lace wig with 1.5inches of front lace, it is has a density of  150/180% all of this means you can style and part the wig anywhere you like, I chose the middle as it looked best on me, but go for a side part or a double braid anything you like, this wig will still look natural. The lace on this wig is a natural beige tone although this might not be 100% your skin tone, I being a ghostly white person got away with it just fine however if you have darker or lighter skin once styled/parted use some concealer on the visible lace to blend it with your skin.

I found this wig to be very manageable and easy to work with, the wig didn't knot up or mess up that much. It's made of a high-quality synthetic heat resistant fiber so you can restyle this wig with a heating tool on it's lowest setting. I found this wig to be easy top cut the lace from too, sometimes the lace can be really stiff and when you cut it then it ends up being all jagged because it's so hard to cut or sometimes the lace is low quality and when you cut the first snip into it the entire thing rips all wrong. This wig cuts wonderfully and you can create any hairline you require. I cut mine back about 0.5 extra on the sides compared to the top front section just because of my own head shape. After it was all cut and brushed I put on the wig cap that came with the wig, adjusted the inner wig adjusting straps to my head size and fitted it...and it was perfect. I require no spirit gum or front lace wig glue strips. This wig works fantastically as a glueless lace front wig.

This wig has excellent selfies quality, yeah that's actually a thing people ask me about, in short this wig has a natural shine and doesn't have a huge white flash back under studio lights or a camera flash, so selfie away. I think this wig is a perfect edition to my collection. With Heahair growing as a company selling more and more wigs as there company grows I will no doubt be getting more wigs from them in the future because this one is just wonderful!  So that's all for this review. Click here to buy this wig.

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