Saturday, 28 January 2017


Hello, everyone! It's time for a mini-review. As in a short summary of a product, I recently purchased and if it's worth it. I want to just say I am not affiliated with morphe! I have no morphe discount code and I paid for these with my own money.  Today that product is the Morphe brushes 12 pieces eye-credible brush set. This set sells for $24.99 USD £19.91. Please be aware if you live outside of the USA and order from morphe brushes you will get a customs charge. I live in the UK and my customs charge was £12.98.

This set includes a mix of synthetic and natural hair fibers. Nt sure why but morphe does seem to like mixing natural and synthetic fibers. In this set the black bristles are synthetic and the ivory bristles are natural goat hair. Morphe is cruelty-free so the goat hair is humanely collected. Personally I always use synthetic brushes as they wash out easier, they pick up a lot of pigment and then release it onto the skin very well as synthetic hairs don't hold onto pigments, however natural fibres such as goat hairs pick up a lot of pigment then hold onto it, so the bristles basically eat up a lot of the color so you end up using more to put it on the lids. I find this set just does that the natural bristles require more color to apply as much and as evenly as the synthetic brushes in the set do. Also, the natural goat hair brushes stain so much and so quickly, I had to alcohol soak the bristles when using highly pigmented colors such as SugarPill cosmetics or kat von d cosmetics. Whether as the synthetic brushes cleaned off really easily with regular brush cleanser. Both types of brushes asides from the amount of pigment you need to pick up work well, if you don't really load up the goat hair ones they tend to be a bit 'skippy' but add enough pigment and they're okai.

The natural goat brushes also tend to shed only 3-4 hairs per brush but the synthetics didn't shed at all, I think it wasn't really shedding more the goat hairs breaking. Not entirely sure but there was hair loss with the goat brushes. For my makeup artist kit I own a Morphe vegan set and I have zero shedding issues and that's all synthetics hair, this is my first natural hair set so this shedding is completely new to me. The natural goat bristles also get quite sharp and scratchy. At first, they're soft but if you're doing a lot of blending after several seconds they feel very sharp and scratchy. The synthetic brushes are super soft always, blend for days and they'll still feel soft.

Overall I recommend this set if you're just getting into makeup or want a few extra brushes however if you have sensitive or delicate eyes I would pass on this set, the goat hair brushes are just a little too harsh on the lids. I highly recommend morphe for synthetic brushes I do hope they bring out an all vegan synthetic 12 pieces eye-credible set because if they do I will buy 4 sets! but for now, make your own mind up on these brushes. I like these brushes however I will be using the synthetic ones in the set the most.

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