Friday, 10 February 2017 - full lace human hair wig review - 2inch indian remy

 Good day my fellow wig lover today I have a very exciting wig review! I have my first full lace and full human hair wig. I'm freaking out at how great this wig is by far my favorite ever I actually want two of it, one to dye another colour and one this natural colour. Anyway I'm rambling! This is a wig review for This wig is the 22-inch glueless Indian my natural straight full lace wig in colour 1b. Click here for a link to this exact wig.

This wig has an adjustable cap with two elastic straps. The wigs sold by stylish lace wigs also come in three cap sizes, small, average and large there are instructions during check out to measure your own head and pick a size. I decided to pick average as that's what I usually get for wigs and it turned out to be perfect for me but be sure to check your own sizes and get what fits you. The length of this wig is 22 inches and comes on me being 5ft 5 this wig reaches the top of my hips but this will vary based on your own height.

 I did curl this wig so if you want to see how I curled this wig, how I cut the lace off and the movement of this wig check out my video This wig has a density of 120 which is considered medium density but honestly I think this is one of the thickest wigs I own and I have everything from damn expensive to very cheap and none of my wigs cut close to this thickness. The wig took me about 45minutes to curl because there was just so much hair! So if this is a medium density wig then I can only but imagine how thick and dense the heavy density wigs must be. I found this wig really easy to style the curl held up very well even after a few days of wear and a brushing through the curls were still in the hair and had only slightly fallen. This wig being human hair has an amazing natural shine too it, very glossy but not overly glossy it looks like a cheap plastic wig as said in my video the shine on this wig is what I see in shampoo adverts truly lovely.
This wig has 4 combs in to help secure the wig in, there's one on each side, one at the front hair line and one at the back hairline. It's honestly so secure and comfortable you could probably do a willow smith hair whip and it wouldn't budge. I shake my hair a bit in the video and it didn't shift or slide away which I adore. I do a lot of cosplaying therefore performing and the amount of embarrassing time my wig has flown across the room... let's not even talk about it. Thankfully with this wig that won't be an issue. I utterly adore this wig I desperately want another from because not only does it look great, style easily, have a beautiful shine and hold on very securely it's also so comfortable. So very comfortable. I said in my video that this wig feel like a giant head extensions rather than a wig, I am prone to headaches made worse by wigs and only wear my wigs 4/5 hours daily but this wig caused me no issues for a full 12 hour day then again for 6 hours each day in the two days following.

Not only do I want another black one like this but I really want to buy a blonde one for an upcoming cosplay event because these wigs will be perfect for all day wear and performing as stated they stay on well, look great but also the cap construction is full lace so the wig is completely breathable so while I'm performing and sweating all super grossly my head and real hair can breath so I won't return home with ultra gross sweaty hair which is an absolutely life changing thing for me and my costumes. I also just wanted to quick mention while wrapping up this review that the wigs may be pricey for some people so I wanted to just mention that there is a payment wig plan option click here to find out more about that. So that's everything for this review check out the video at:  to see this wig worn and check out to purchase an amazing wig like this.

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