Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Warrington comic con 2017

My costume for the event (Big Sister
from BioShock 2)
First off warrington comic con is a free event which is amazing however I need to state right now that I didn't get many pictures of the actual things on display since as a cosplayer in a large bulky costume rather than enjoying the day as a spectator everyone enjoyed me as part of the event taking pictures with me. So I didn't get any examples of the things on show myself but I can take a few from the Warrington on comic con website to show you.

So Warrington comic con as quite clearly shown is the comic con event that happens in the town of Warrington England, which is actually my hometown and was just a mile walk for me which in my costume felt like 10 miles.
Picture from Warrington Comic Con Facebook page
So the event is free for all and takes place partly in the Warrington market and partly just outside the market. I feel halving and halving is a good way to get people into the market however it was poorly signed so I noticed people outside of Warrington town came the outside section then got lost in the market as all the props were way back in the market and honestly if you weren't a Warrington local or asked a Warrington local you wouldn't have known the props and things to see were there so you would have missed half the things on display which I noticed several people go home and mutter about the lack of things to see simply because they didn't know there was more at the back of the market.

Picture from Warrington Comic Con Facebook page

So besides the issue of locating things how are displays, pretty good for a free event. I liken it to Wigan comic con which charges you, however, this is free so honestly, you can't complain (if you can locate the back of the market. haha.) On display was a superhero meet and greet with a Batman symbol replica and a life-sized Batman sculpture, also on display was a speed bike Starwars replica that you could have pictures were taken near, a hired doctor who cosplayer Tardisardis replica, some robotic Daleks and other replicas sculptures of doctor who creatures/beings, a transformer hired cosplayer and a car painted too look like lighting MacQueen from the movie cars, as well as a stargate replica and a few other things but I couldn't walk around to some things due to my large costume.
Picture with a little sister cosplayer at the event
(uncredited, cannot find the other cosplayers name)

 There was also a performance from boogie storm a Britains got talent dance group that dance in storm trooper costumes, although I noticed they were largely passed by as people thought they were just people in storm trooper costumes, not the actual boogie storm, I feel if they had their own marked up tent to hang out in where people could take pictures then more would flock to them realising they were just any old storm trooper cosplayers, also they mainly just stood off to the sides as they had no designated area apart from when they danced so I think next year getting signed tents per act would be a good idea. You're probably thinking I'm really throwing this free event under the bus but honestly the first Warrington comic con was great well laid out, well signed, great performances, great spacing and tonnes of people and with each year it's slowly dropping down I just want to suggest how it could be made as good as the first one again.

Picture with a cat girl cosplayer
at the event, named Elle.
Overall the event was pretty good but I hope it returns to the way it was before in the first year it was on. I also hope the people become abit more respectful I was faced with alot of cosplay abuse, as touring cosplayer this is something I've faced before it's where people take pictures without permission, touch, pull or poke a costume without permission and publish images without tagging the cosplayer. It's very upsetting and rude to us because we put lots of effort into coming in full costume and I was dying of heat in mine yet people were quite rude. One child even broke my helmet while I was sitting to rest as I was too hot and the mother saw, looked at me and walked away... okai then, thanks. Then I had a grow adult snap my leg braces my kicked me as he walked by then looking bad seeing the damage and not apologizing... thanks, alot man. But I shouldn't tarnish so few with the same brush but for everyone 1 person who asked permission too touch my costume or take a picture there was about 4 others who didn't which really lowers my expectations for next years however I will be attending Warrington comic con 2018 in hopes of kinder people and better organisation for those I met who were kind and the child who took pictures with me, thank you as you're the reason cosplayers like do what we do. Thank you and I hope to see more kind people next year.

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